Battle of Serrada

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Battle of Serrada
Part of the Creeperian Civil War of the Siege of San Salvador
Kursk Soviet machineguns.JPG
Terranilian soldiers engaging Gandorian soldiers.
Date26 June 1946
Result Terranilian–Miguelist victory
National Council for Peace and Order gains the village of Serrada and the surrounding area.
Creeperopolis Imperial Council Creeperopolis National Council
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Krystian Matulewicz
Creeperopolis Lech Budnik
Creeperopolis Daniel Pelc
CreeperopolisTerranihil Adam Gát
CreeperopolisTerranihil Žaid Genalert 
CreeperopolisTerranihil Karím Matrík
CreeperopolisTerranihil Barák Morkirke Executed
Units involved

Creeperopolis 3rd Army

Creeperopolis 9th Army

8,000 soldiers 11,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
3,800 deaths
2,000 injuries
2,200 deaths
5,000 injuries

The Battle of Serrada (Creeperian Spanish: Batalla de Serrada; Terranilian: Cazhét er Serrada; Gandorian: Bitwa pod Serrada) occurred on 26 June 1946 between the opposing forces of the 3rd Romerist Army and the 9th Miguelist Army. The battle was fought between exclusively foreign troops from the 4th Terranilian Infantry Division and the 17th Gandorian Infantry Unit. The battle resulted in a Terranilian victory after an initial failed counterattack. The battle was the first of the Creeperian Civil War to not be fought by ethnic Creeperans on either side.