Catholic Imperial Restoration Council

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Catholic Imperial Restoration Council
Consejo de Restoración Imperial Católico
Absolute monarchy and military dictatorship
with a de jure parliamentary system
Flag of Creeperopolis.jpg Coat of Arms of Creeperopolis.png
Flag and coat of arms
Formation2 January 1933
Extinction4 October 1949
Country Creeperopolis
EmperorRomero I
Romero II
Minister of DefenseAdolfo Cabañeras Moreno
Alfonso Cabañeras Moreno
Prime MinisterAntonio Sáenz Heredia

The Catholic Imperial Restoration Council (Creeperian SpanishIberic: Consejo de Restoración Imperial Católico, abbreviated CRIC), also referred to as the Imperial Council, was an absolute monarchy and military dictatorship with a de jure parliamentary system that was one of the two major factions of the Creeperian Civil War between 2 January 1933 and 4 October 1949, together with the National Council for Peace and Order (CNPO, National Council).

The Imperial Council was led by Emperor Romero I, then later Emperor Romero II, with the Creeperian Armed Forces loyal to the Council holding significant influence. Also known as the Romerists (Romeristos), the Imperial Council defeated the National Council, also known as the Miguelists, and asserted itself as the national government of Creeperopolis following the conclusion of the civil war.

The Imperial Council was the source of several atrocities and human rights abuses throughout the civil war, being responsible for millions of deaths.

Emperor Romero I, founder of the Imperial Council.