Papal War

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Papal War
Part of the Creeperian Civil War and the Creeperian Conflicts
Miguelist soldiers entering a ruined church, State of the Church 1942.
DateOctober 12, 1936-March 17, 1946
Result Romerist Victory
Imperial Council
 State of the Church
 El Salvador
National Council
Flag of Senvar.jpeg Senvar
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Romero I
Creeperopolis Adolfo Cabañeras Moreno
Creeperopolis Alfonso Cabañeras Moreno
Miguel VII
Juan Salinas Figueroa
1.1 million 1.0 million
Casualties and losses
200,000 dead 170,000 dead

The Papal War (Creeperian: Guerra Papal), was a proxy war fought during the Creeperian Civil War over control of the Creeperian client of the State of the Church.