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Human rights in Creeperopolis (Creeperian – Creeperian: Ճերեճոս հփմանոս եn Ծրեեպերօպոլիս; Creeperian – Iberic: Derechos humanos en Creeperópolis) are a topic of serious concern and are considered to be one of, if not, the worst in the world, often being used to compare the human rights statuses of Lyoa, Rakeo, and Sequoyah. Several nations have previously condemned the human rights record of Creeperopolis and several resolutions within the Terraconserva Council of Nations have been presented regarding human rights in the country. The Creeperian government enforces Levitical law which has caused several international organizations to denounce the government as violating basic human rights.

Foreign organizations have stated that there is virtually no freedom of speech or the press in the country, despite being legally protected by the Constitution. The only legal media providers are those approved by the Creeperian government which show "blind loyalty" and support of the government, such as the Gaceta Creeperiano and Noticias de la'Iniciativa. The only media outlet considered to not be "blindly loyal" and supportive the government is the Quebecshirite-owned Poste du Port headquartered in Puerto Francisco, which itself is considered to be the most developed place in Creeperopolis. Some groups have stated that Puerto Francisco is the only place in the entire country where human rights are actually enforced. According to Human Rights Terraconserva, there are around 175,000 prisoners incarcerated in prison camps across the country for political reasons and that they are subject to forced labor, torture, experimentation, and execution.

Foreigners of certain nationalities, specifically those from Greater Sacramento, Malgax, Sequoyah, and Terranihil, are strictly monitored by the Creeperian government as they have been considered "high-risk lawbreakers," likely for political, racial, and religious reasons. Natives of Creeperopolis have not reported many instances of human rights violations, either because the government does not mistreat its civilians that "fall in line" or because they are afraid of the consequences for speaking out against the government's actions. The most notable critic of the government which has documented the country's human rights violations is Orlando Hernández Alvarado, a journalist who founded the El Faro newspaper who lives in exile in Barreiganca, Greater Sacramento. He currently has a warrant for his arrest, has been charged with treason, and has been sentenced to death in absentia. The government maintains its position that criticism of its human rights record is a pretext for overthrowing the imperial government.

The Terraconserva Council of Nations has failed to pass any resolutions that condemned or actively investigated human rights violations and abuses in Creeperopolis since its inception in 1952. The most recent attempts to condemn Creeperopolis were Terraconserva Council of Nations Resolutions 002 and 004 in 2019 and 2020, respectively, but Quebecshire, a strong ally of Creeperopolis, vetoed both resolutions.[1][2] Terraconserva Council of Nations Resolution 006 officially launched an investigation into Creeperopolis' human rights record in 2020, but the Creeperian government refused to comply with the resolution and it was eventually repealed by Terraconserva Council of Nations Resolution 009 later that same year.[3][4]

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