National Progressive Party

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National Progressive Party

Parti Prokresast Farđamast
ChairmanDraıčren Armǎk
Deputy ChairmanAsmin Rǎrıem
Founded13 May 1952; 71 years ago (1952-05-13)
Split fromCommunist Party of Terranihil
HeadquartersMinaltar, Terranihil
Youth wingProgressive Youth
Armed wingProgressive Guard
Membership (2021)Increase27,000,000
Political positionFar-right
ColorsRed, black, white
Seats in Parliament
409 / 480
Party flag
Terra ppf flag 2 .png

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The National Progressive Party (Vaktrian: Parti Prokresast Farđamast), abbreviated as PPF, is the dominant political party in Terranihil since 1952 that promotes the ideology of national progressivism. Arkašter Emvǎran founded the party and facilitated its split from the Communist Party of Terranihil after the Progressive Coup. The PPF has its roots in the writings of Žapre Virǎt, who created national progressivism and became one of the most influencial party leaders. The party endorses Sentanism, a form of Astrian Vaktrian ultranationalism, and is considered racist and populist. Initially, most members of the PPF suppported a state-managed economy in which the national government coordinates with corporations and worker's unions. Over time however, the party has dropped trade restrictions, banned unions, and allowed more private ownership, while still maintaining state oversight of major industries.

The National Progressive Party views Terranihil as first and foremost a nation of Astrian Vaktrians and seeks to further the interests of this group, often at the expense of the many ethnic and religious minorities in Terranihil. The origins of Sentanism are rooted in the Terranilian Empire's imperialist campaigns to conquer the Vaktrian homeland and further expand to provide land and resources for Astrian Vaktrians. The PPF has adapted this nationalism to justify violence and restrictions against minority groups. The party has engaged in cleansing, genocide, eugenics, and funded terrorist organizations. As outlined by Virǎt, progress is predicated on the nation's ability to function as a cohesive whole, and it is the responsibility of the vanguard to guide the nation in doing so. In practice this means the Progressive Command Committee directs or guides most aspects of politics, media, military, and economics.




Progressive Coup

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