Army of the People (Creeperopolis)

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Army of the People
Ejército del Pueblo
Militiamen of the Army of the People in 1948.
Militiamen of the Army of the People in 1948.
Active7 February 1948 – 21 September 1949
Allegiance National Council
Size50,000 (September 1949)
Nickname(s)El Pueblo (The People)
ColorsRed, white, and black
EngagementsCreeperian Civil War
CommanderJavíer Escalón Duarte
Unit flagFlag of th Army of the People

The Army of the People (Creeperian Spanish: Ejército del Pueblo) was a militia established by the National Council for Peace and Order during the Creeperian Civil War which was composed of armed civilians as a conscription effort during the final years of the civil war. The militia operated in central-eastern Creeperopolis, particularly in the departments of San Luís and Adolfosburg.