Kingdom of Senvar (separatist state)

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Kingdom of Senvar

π†πΏπ‘Œπͺπ‘Œ 𐐝𐐯wπͺπ‘Šπ―
Flag of Senvar
Coat of arms of Senvar
Coat of arms
StatusUnrecognized breakaway state
CapitalPort Senvar
Common languagesSenvarian
Senvarian Protestantism
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
β€’ 1934–1951
Adam Llactahuaman I
β€’ 1951–1968
Frederick Llactahuaman III
β€’ 1968–1969
Frederick Llactahuaman IV
Historical eraThird Senvarian Insurgency
β€’ Proclaimed
5 October 1934
β€’ Disestablished
8 July 1969

The Kingdom of Senvar (Senvarian: π†πΏπ‘Œπͺπ‘Œ 𐐝𐐯wπͺπ‘Šπ―, transliterated: Iknan Sewale) was an unrecognized Creeperian breakaway state located in southern Creeperopolis claiming land from the departments of Senvar. Its claimed capital was Port Senvar. The region was considered by the Terraconserva Council of Nations to be part of Creeperopolis.