Timeline of Creeperian History

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This is a timeline of Creeperian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in the Old Kingdom, Crusader Kingdom, Parliamentary Monarchy, Republic, Revived Monarchy, Empire, Creeperian Civil War, and modern-day Creeperopolis.

Following tradition, this timeline marks the establishment by Felipe I on September 15, 537AD.

500s AD

Year Date Event
537AD September 15 Felipe I declares the foundation of the Kingdom of Creeperia.
540AD Felipe I converts from Creeperian Paganism to Christianity, de facto founding Creeperian Catholicism.
Pope Gregorio I departs from Greater Sacramento and arrives in Creeperopolis.
Creeperian-Sacramentian Schism begins.
568AD Felipe I dies and is succeeded by his son, Armando I.
598AD Armando I is deposed and killed by Fernándo I.

600s AD

Year Date Event
601AD Fernándo I is deposed and killed by Armando I's son, Armando II.
656AD Armando II is deposed by Fernándo I's son, Felipe II.
661AD Felipe II is deposed by Armando II.
667AD Armando II is deposed by Felipe II.
675AD Felipe II is deposed by Armando II.
678AD Armando II is deposed and killed by Felipe II.
679AD Felipe II is deposed and killed by by Armando II's son, Armando III.
Armando III has Felipe II's son, Felipe Amara Cortéz, stoned to eliminate any possible claimant to the throne.

700s AD

Year Date Event
713AD Armando III dies and is succeeded by his brother, Fidel I.
732AD Fidel I dies and is succeeded by his son, Fidel II.
744AD Creeperian-Deltinian War: Forces under the Caliphate of Deltino invade Creeperopolis.
745AD July 1 or 11 Creeperian-Deltinian War: The Deltinians conquer and annex Creeperopolis.
Creeperian-Deltinian War: Fidel II is executed.


Year Date Event
1231 | February 8 Creeperian Crusade: Alfonso I declares the establishment of Creeperopolis.
Creeperian Crusade: The Creeperian Crusade begins.









Year Date Event
2003 June 18 Alfonso VI and his regime are toppled in a 2003 Creeperian coup d'état.
Alexander II becomes Emperor.
June 19 Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez begins a purge of political opponents.
September 15 Alexander II is coronated.


Year Date Event
2019 August 13 The 2019 San Salvador Attacks are carried out.
Creeperopolis is placed under martial law.
August 14 The DINA returns to El Salvador for the first time since the Salvadoran Revolution of 1956.
August 31 Frederick Llactahuaman III is assassinated in Senvar.
Martial law is lifted.
September 28 A bill to place sanctions on Creeperopolis via the Terraconserva Council of Nations fails.
November 29 The DINA discovers that Mara Salvatrucha is smuggling weapons to the Free Lyoan Army.
December 21 Ramón Nores Murillo is assassinated in Chalatenango.
Creeperian Airlines Flight 2387 crashes just after takeoff one mile from Tuxtla Martínez International Airport. It is believed Mara Salvatrucha shot down the plane.
December 27 Deltinian Insurgency: The Deltinian Insurgency begins.
Deltinian Insurgency: Battle of Rushdi takes place.


Year Date Event