Operation Banana

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Operation Banana
Part of the Creeperian Conflicts and the Lyoan conflict
A photograph showing the damaged hotel.
A photograph showing the damaged hotel.
Operational scopeDecapitation strike
PlannedMarch – June 2020 (approx. 4 months)
Planned by
Commanded by
TargetAntonio Gisbert Alcabú, Regent of the Government-in-Exile
Date17 June 2020; 4 years ago (2020-06-17)
12:15 a.m. – 2:10 a.m. (LNT)
Executed by
OutcomeAntonio Gisbert Alcabú captured
  • 20 killed (ELC and LRCC)
  • 6 injured (operatives)

Operation Banana (Creeperian: Operación Banana)[note 1] was the joint Creeperian–Lyoan military operation conducted during the early morning of 17 June 2020. The operation, conducted by the Creeperian Army, the Creeperian National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), and the Lyoan Special Security Service (SSS), ended in the capture and arrest of Antonio Gisbert Alcabú, the Regent of the Creeperian Government-in-Exile, an Alfonsist rebel group established in the aftermath of the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état. The operation is considered by the Creeperian government to be a part of Operation Genesis 19:24–25.

Prior to the operation's execution, the Lyoa National Defense Force (LNDF) launched Operation Unified Dignity to serve as a distraction against the forces of the Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council (LRCC) and Free Creeperian Army (ELC). During the operation, the soldiers and agents of the army, DINA, and SSS arrested both Gisbert Alcabú and his wife, along with killing twenty militants of the LRCC and ELC. A total of twenty people were killed during the operation, all of whom were soldiers of the LRCC and ELC, and the hotel where the operation occurred was severely damaged. The operatives suffered six injuries, but no fatalities. The entire operation was conducted in the early morning of 17 June 2020 right after the conclusion of Operation Unified Dignity.

The Creeperian government announced the outcome of the operation the following day on 18 June 2020 during the 18 June Liberation Parade in San Salvador, during which, Gisbert Alcabú was publicly executed by a firing squad of tanks. He was succeeded by Andrés Andino Cazalla as Regent, however, the government would later collapse on 27 June 2020, with some factions surrendering to Lyoan and Creeperian authorities while others continued to resist. Andino Cazalla himself was extradited to Creeperopolis and later executed in July 2020. Some leaders and soldiers of the former government-in-exile continue to resist in Lyoa, however, since the collapse of the government-in-exile, they have been considered to be minor belligerents.

Within the Cooperation and Development Coalition (CODECO), of which Creeperopolis and Lyoa were members, the operation was applauded and celebrated. Government officials and military officers made statements and remarks regarding the operation, overwhelmingly in support. In Creeperopolis, the operation is celebrated each 18 June during the 18 June Liberation Parade with a line of tanks each firing their shells to symbolize Gisbert Alcabú's execution. Outside of CODECO, other regions in Sur, and online Surian and Lyoan communities, the operation received very little foreign attention.


The Creeperian Government-in-Exile was established in August 2003 by supporters of the deposed and killed Emperor Alfonso VI, by his former government officials, and by sympathetic soldiers and military officers. The government-in-exile established itself in east-central Lyoa where it received the support of Lyoan rebel forces who were loyalists to their own deposed leader, former President Laurent Tulossa. Despite once being opposed to each other during the Lyoan Civil War, as Alfonso VI's government supported the Revolutionary United Forces (RUF), both saw each other as deposed legitimate governments and both sought to reclaim power in their respective countries. The government-in-exile designated Syrina, in the province of Kazima, as its capital-in-exile.

Regent Antonio Gisbert Alcabú in Syrina in 2019.

The Creeperian Government-in-Exile, commonly abbreviated to GPRCE, claimed to be headed by Salvador Martínez Hernández, the third son of Alfonso VI, whom they styled as Emperor Salvador IV. He was proclaimed as their leader as Alfonso VI's first son, Alfonso, was assassinated in 2002, and his second son, Alexander, was proclaimed Emperor by the Creeperian Armed Forces in the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état, and as such, he was seen as illegitimate. Salvador rejected the GPRCE's proclamation as their Emperor, and likely due to the GPRCE's declaration, he was assassinated in 2004, which has since been suspected to have been conducted by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), the secret police of Creeperopolis.

After Salvador's assassination, the GPRCE proclaimed that Lieutenant General Antonio Gisbert Alcabú would serve as Regent of the Empire until an heir could be designated. The GPRCE stated that an heir had to be a descendant of Alfonso VI. Due to Alexander II being declared as illegitimate, and likewise any of his children, both Alfonso and Salvador never having children, and the fact that the throne could not pass through a female, the criteria set forth by the GPRCE effectively abolished the monarchy as there would be no eligible heirs to the throne. This has been the interpretation set forth by the Creeperian government, stating that the GPRCE sought to "depose the monarchy and establish totalitarian rule, just without a monarch." Gisbert Alcabú denied the Creeperian government's interpretation.

Throughout the Lyoan conflict, the GPRCE received support from various Lyoan rebel groups, most notably the Tulossa loyalists, however, in 2014, the GPRCE and Tulossa loyalists ended their alliance due to various clashes fought between the groups over territory in east-central Lyoa. The 2015 Eastern Lyoan clashes further antagonized the groups. The GPRCE later allied with the National Coalition of Lyoan Opposition Forces (NCLOF) in 2017, and later, the Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council (LRCC) in 2020. The GPRCE allied with the latter during the initial stages of the so-called "Second Lyoan Civil War" in March 2020 in opposition to both the Creeperian and Lyoan governments.


Operational planning

Sometime in March 2020, the National Intelligence Directorate contacted the Special Security Service (SSS), Lyoa's DINA equivalent, and proposed an operation to capture or assassinate Gisbert Alcabú in a decapitation strike type of operation. After months of planning, both agencies had formulated an plan to carry out the operation. The DINA designated twenty-one agents and the SSS designated six agents to the operation, led by Major Leonardo Magrina Magrina and Senior Special Agent Jacob Aneka, respectively. Additionally, the Creeperian Army designated twenty-one soldiers to the operation, led by Major Diego Molina Gallo, for a total combined force of forty-eight soldiers. The operation was given the designation of Operation Banana (Creeperian: Operación Banana) during the planning process. The Creeperian government considers Operation Banana to be a part of Operation Genesis 19:24–25, a Creeperian government campaign of political and social repression, suppression information, and state terror aimed at suppressing leftist movements and capturing political dissidents.

List of operatives

In February 2022, the identities of the operatives involved in Operation Banana which had not yet been declassified up to that point were released by the Creeperian and Lyoan governments. The operatives involved included:[1]

 Creeperopolis Template:Country data Lyoa
Creeperopolis National Intelligence Directorate  Creeperian Army Special Security Service
  • Major Leonardo Magrina Magrina
  • Captain Javíer Mina Espina
  • Captain David Fonseca López
  • Captain Julio Ros Berrocal
  • Captain Umberto Tejedor Pomar
  • Captain Gabriel Figueroa Montes
  • Captain Juan Figueroa Montes
  • Captain Justin Venegas Arrabal
  • Lieutenant Ignacio Zoido Alcocer
  • Lieutenant Cristóbal Fonseca Barrios
  • Lieutenant Benjamín Andrade Seco
  • Lieutenant Ernesto Cruz Palacio
  • Lieutenant Valentino Martí Cambiero
  • Lieutenant Mario Abellán Arnal
  • Lieutenant Ramón Franco Mastache
  • Lieutenant Pablo Cambiero Mariano
  • Lieutenant Jesús Sarmiento Franco
  • Lieutenant Luís Palacio Aparicio
  • Lieutenant Alexander Quesada Casaus
  • Lieutenant Alfonso Luna Barrios
  • Lieutenant Rubén Gallo Sánchez
  • Major Diego Molina Gallo
  • Captain Mario Valerio Cadaval
  • Captain Alfonso Gallo Saavedra
  • Captain Guillermo Bienvenida Arnal
  • Corporal Matías Gálvez Tejedor
  • Corporal Valentín Leguizamo Pareja
  • Corporal Ángel Ferrant Carvallo
  • Corporal Primitivo Dengra Hernández
  • Corporal Manuel Céspedes Rubio
  • Corporal Carlos Semprún Graciani
  • Corporal Alfonso Semprún Graciani
  • Corporal Orlando Gutiérrez Molina
  • Corporal Macos Gómez Encarnación
  • Corporal Sergio Palau Nores
  • Corporal Fabián Villa Rouco
  • Corporal Emmanuel Zorrito Saavedra
  • Corporal Óscar Palacio Palacio
  • Corporal Adolfo Lain Valerio
  • Corporal Jeremías Covarrubias Coronil
  • Corporal Vidal Chicote Fuentes
  • Corporal Gerardo Puig Prats
  • Senior Special Agent Jacob Aneka
  • Special Agent Laurent Mulumba
  • Special Agent Alexander Nakuza
  • Special Agent Amadu Bakar
  • Special Agent Tamba Fomah
  • Special Agent William Nzenga
Source: National Intelligence Directorate and Special Security Service

Organization of operatives and equipment

Prior to the operation, the Creeperian Armed Forces (FAC) and Lyoa National Defense Force (LNDF) began transporting the designated operatives and needed military equipment to the Nyabari Military Base in Nyabari, Kazima. There, the operatives trained in the Lyoan jungle in preparation for the operation. Under the cover of night, the FAC and LNDF transported three Maroto Botín H-3 helicopters, soldiers, weapons, medical equipment, ammunition, explosives, and other materials to the Nyabari Military Base in preparation for the operation. The soldiers of the Creeperian Army sent to participate in the operation were from the 1st Creeperian Infantry Division (more commonly known as the Black Division). The DINA sent agents from its Detachment A4 (Protective Services) and the SSS sent agents from its Department KZ2 (Kazima 2). Soldiers of both the Lyoan Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) and Creeperian Anti-Terrorist Brigade (BAT) were station at the military base throughout the operation's preparation.

Each Maroto Botín H-3 helicopter was armed with a mounted Figueroa-33 Tipo-2013 medium machine gun and each agent and soldier had a Figueroa-26 automatic assault rifle with a night vision scope. Each soldier also had a secondary Figueroa-3 Tipo-2016 pistol. One soldier was armed with a Figueroa-203 Tipo-2014 submachine gun, another with a Figueroa-17 Tipo-2007 sniper rifle with a night vision scope, and another with a Figueroa-818 Tipo-1979 shotgun. All of the soldiers' pistols and automatic rifles were silenced. Each soldier and agent additionally was armed with a machete. Exact details of the operatives' weaponry was classified until January 2022.[1]

Operation Unified Dignity

As a prelude to the operation, the Lyoa National Defense Force planned a large-scale military operation to serve as a diversion to the operations of the Creeperian Army, DINA, and SSS. The plan was to divert the attention of the LRCC to that of the frontlines with the Lyoan government, believing that a large scale attack on LRCC territory was occurring and that the LRCC would divert soldiers away from Syrina.

Lyoa National Army soldiers during the beginning of Operation Unified Dignity in Wateka.

On 16 June 2020, the Lyoa National Army (LNA) announced the beginning of Operation Unified Dignity.[2] Alexander Nyarashe, the Secretary of Defense of Lyoa, stated in an official announcement:

Today we have launched Operation Unified Dignity, in which the combined forces of our great Lyoa National Army and valiant civilian heroes who picked up arms alongside us, namely the Army for the Defense of the People of Lyoa and the Patriotic Forces for the Liberation of Lyoa, will liberate the town of Josaru from rebel hands. The LRCC has maintained their oppressive control over this city for far too long, and the defense forces will free it from their grip.

— Alexander Nyarashe, Secretary of Defense (16 June 2020)[2]

The LNDF and the combined forces of the allied Army for the Defense of the People of Lyoa (FRENAMI–EDPL) and Patriotic Forces for the Liberation of Lyoa (FPLL) militias began assaults across the entire eastern front line. Heavy fighting erupted across the front line between government forces and the LRCC's Eastern Front. Fighting occurred all across the front, but was mainly centered around the town of Josaru in the province of Wateka.[2] LNDF and allied forces launched attack after attack on rebel strongholds and front line positions. To support the troops on the front line, the LRCC sent forces that typically would be guarding important rebel-occupied settlements to assist the rebels fighting the offensive. This included major troop movements away from towns and cities such as Syrina and Kabule. This left some settlements largely unguarded, including the GPRCE's and LRCC's headquarters in the town of Syrina.[2] LRCC general command believed it necessary to maintain their front line's integrity.[2] As midnight approached, the fighting continued, with the army moving in several artillery pieces to assist troops on advancing. Fighting suddenly stopped at midnight as the LNDF ceased its attacks.[2]


At 12:15am LNT (3:15am TSS), the DINA, the Black Division, and the SSS initiated the operation to either capture or assassinate Gisbert Alcabú. According to declassified documents released by the DINA and SSS, the three Maroto Botín H-3 helicopters, each carrying seven DINA agents, seven FAC soldiers, and two SSS, agents took off from Nyabari Military Airport and flew southeast to Syrina.[1]

The journey took thirty-six minutes from Nyabari to Syrina.[1] The helicopters landed one mile away from Syrina in a clearing north of the city. The forty-eight men march silently through the jungle towards Syrina; the fifteen minute march went uneventful. The operatives reached the outskirts of the city and slowly made their way under the cover of night to the hotel which had served as the provisional headquarters of the GPRCE since 2018.

After entering the hotel and arresting Gisbert Alcabú and his wife, an LRCC patrol noticed the group escaping, and opened fire. The operatives returned fire upon, killing the two LRCC fighters. This, together with the operatives detonating explosives within the hotel, alerted more patrols, which began to converge on the area. Another small firefight ensued as the operatives reached the edge of the jungle.[1] Four LRCC men fired upon the operatives, who fired back and killed the four LRCC fighters. The operatives then retreated into the jungle with Gisbert Alcabú and his wife, marching back to the landing zone where the helicopters awaited their arrival. The return trip took another fifteen minutes, with the forces quickly loading up onto the helicopters. The soldiers then began treating each other's wounds while Magrina Magrina and Aneka informed Gisbert Alcabú of various charged which the Creeperian and Lyoan government held against him.[1] Upon landing in Nyabari, Gisbert Alcabú and his wife were transported to the Tigera International Airport in Tigera, the capital city of Lyoa.


Casualties and losses

During the operation, the Creeperian and Lyoan operatives only suffered six injuries with no fatalities. One was suffered by the SSS, to by the DINA, and three by the army. The injuries were deemed non-life threatening and the six injured operatives were treated in the Nyabari Military Hospital. The exact natures of the injuries were never declassified.

On the side of the Free Creeperian Army and Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council, twenty total fatalities were suffered. The ELC lost thirteen soldiers while the LRCC lost seven soldiers. It is unknown if any more were injured, or if anymore died but their deaths were never recorded. The government-in-exile later claimed that the hotel which was infiltrated had been heavily damaged by the operation. They also claimed that the operatives had looted homes, assaulted men, raped women, and kidnapped children, claims which were strongly denied by the army, DINA, and SSS.

Fate of Gisbert Alcabú and his family

After the operation, he was charged by the Creeperian and Lyoan governments with a combined 110 charges, several of which were capital crimes. He and his wife were then transported to Creeperopolis by the Creeperian Air Force.[1] The following day, 18 June 2020, the Creeperian Armed Forces was preforming the annual 18 June Liberation Parade which celebrated the anniversary of the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état. Due to his prominent role in Alfonso VI's government and GPRCE, Gisbert Alcabú was publicly shown at the parade, during which the operation was publicly acknowledged by the Creeperian government. Emperor Alexander II stated:

The Intelligence Directorate, Armed Forces, and Lyoan Special Security Service, boarded helicopters from Nyabari and flew south to Syrina, the capital of the treasonous "government-in-exile." The special forces snuck into the city, entered the hotel the "Regent," Antonio Gisbert Alcabú, was staying at, and captured and arrested him. The Free Creeperian Army attempted to stop justice from occurring, but the special forces of the Intelligence Directorate and the Armed Forces prevailed and killed 13 traitors to the Empire and 7 additional enemies of our ally, Lyoa. Here we have disgraced former Lieutenant General Antonio Gisbert Alcabú standing before us to be put on trial.

— Emperor Alexander II (18 June 2020)[3]

After his announcement, Alexander II read aloud all of the charges brought forth against Gisbert Alcabú, totaling 110, finding him guilty of all of the charges. The charges ranged from treason and terrorism to homosexuality and shoplifting. After each charge, he declared Gisbert Alcabú to be guilty of the charge, and he was sentenced to death. As the conclusion of the parade, the Creeperian government had Gisbert Alcabú publicly executed by a firing squad of VEPRES 132/1 Cruzadore II heavy tanks in front of a crowd of an estimated 130,000 people.[3][note 2] Additionally, Magrina Magrina was promoted to the rank of Colonel by Alexander II, which bypassed the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, as a reward for his leadership in the operation.[3]

His wife was not present at the parade and no mentions of her were made following her return to Creeperopolis. Her fate has since been unknown, however, it is believed that she is currently imprisoned in a Creeperian prison, likely the Tuxtla Martínez–Panachor Maximum Correctional Facility (TMP) or has been silently executed. Similarly, it was known at the time that the couple's son was living with them in Syrina, however, the Creeperian government never stated that they had captured their son, and his whereabouts have never been confirmed since the conclusion of the operation. Rumors spread in Lyoa in the aftermath of the operation that Gisbert Alcabú's son had been killed by the operatives and that his body was hidden in order to avoid controversy, however, the rumors have never been confirmed and has been dismissed as hearsay by the Creeperian and Lyoan governments.

Effects of Operation Unified Dignity

After the conclusion of Operation Banana, Operation Unified Dignity ceased, as it was revealed by the LNDF after the fact that its true purpose was to distract the LRCC and to force them to move troops out of Syrina to allow for Operation Banana to occur.[4] During the operation, however, the LNDF was able to recover several villages and front line positions from the rebels, but not much ground was gained as that was not the intent of the offensive.[4]

Dissolution of the government-in-exile

Following Gisbert Alcabú's execution, he was succeeded as Regent by Lieutenant Colonel Andrés Andino Cazalla who declared that the Creeperian government would be overthrown and its leaders would be arrested and executed. He would only rule as Regent of the government-in-exile for ten more days, however, as Gisbert Alcabú's deposition caused internal divisions and strains within the government-in-exile which led to its eventual collapse and dissolution on 27 June 2020.[5] A rebellious faction led by Lieutenant General Eliécer Ubico Ayala announced the government-in-exile's dissolution and ordered Gisbert Alcabú's arrest, who fled to Terranihil for asylum.[5]

As a part of the Qonqordia Peace Accords, Creeperopolis requested that the Terranilian government extradite Andino Cazalla in exchange for the extradition of Mikel Therúnk, the leader of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Terranihil (DFST).[6] Terranihil agreed to the offer, and Andino Cazalla was extradited to Creeperopolis. After his arrival, he was sentenced to death and executed on 7 July 2020. Although his method of execution was never officially revealed, it is believed that he may have been thrown out of a helicopter into the Bay of Adolfosburg.

Ubico Ayala, meanwhile, continued to resist the Creeperian and Lyoan governments after the Qonqordia Peace Accords. The Free Creeperian Army continued to operate, however, half of its members splintered away to form the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Creeperopolis – Free Combat Forces (FDLC–FCL), a coalition of various anti-Creeperian militias. Meanwhile, a small minority of soldiers, believing that their cause was lost, surrendered to Creeperian and Lyoan authorities. Their fates are mostly unknown, although they were likely imprisoned or executed by the Creeperian and Lyoan governments.


The impact of the operation on the government-in-exile is effectively immeasurable as it collapsed as a direct result of the operation; the decapitation strike worked as intended, as without a leader, the government-in-exile internally collapsed within ten days of the operation. Since its collapse, both the ELC and FDLC–FCL have been considered minor belligerents in the Lyoan conflict, with both the Creeperian and Lyoan governments believing that soldiers are deserting their forces rapidly.

For the Creeperian government, the operation effectively eliminated the question of its legitimacy. Although the government's legitimacy has never been significantly questioned since 2005, prior to then, the government-in-exile was seen as a serious threat to the government's position as the sole legitimate government of Creeperopolis. The operation also effectively destroyed the remaining Alfonsist claim of being the legitimate government of Creeperopolis. Since the GPRCE's collapse, neither the ELC nor FDLC–FCL have claimed to continue the Alfonsist cause, with the ELC simply claiming opposition to the government and the FDLC–FCL changing ideology from absolute monarchism to republicanism and democratism, although their democratic claims are heavily scrutinized by independent analysts.

Reactions to the operation

From Creeperopolis and Lyoa

Government and military officials from both Creeperopolis and Lyoa publicly applauded the result of the operation. Kemoh Foday, the president of Lyoa, commended the operation of the Gilbert Alcabú's execution, adding that "The Lyoan government, however, is somewhat disappointed that his death was quick, as a slower death would be more acceptable for his crimes against the Lyoan people."[7] Supreme Caudillo Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez, the Minister of Defense of Creeperopolis, declared that "the terroristic threats and actions of Alcabú will now be silenced forever and the Creeperans and Lyoans will now be a safer people." Nyarashe stated that "another rebel leader in Lyoa has been apprehended and justice will be served for the sake of the Creeperian people." Nicolás Correa Encarnación, the Minister of External Affairs of Creeperopolis, stated that "Operation Banana serves as a testament to the continued cooperation between Lyoa and Creeperopolis." Lieutenant General Martín Elvira Abasto, commander of the Black Division in Lyoa, commended the operation stating that "this operation will further strengthen the continued military cooperation between Lyoa and Creeperopolis."

International reactions

Elsewhere in Sur, government leaders in El Salvador, Salisford, and the State of the Church applauded the results of the operation. All three nations are strong allies of Creeperopolis and Lyoa, all of which are members of the Cooperation and Development Coalition (CODECO), a free trade alliance and de facto military alliance between the five nations. In Sequoyah, the operation received little news attention due to unfolding events in the country such as a terrorist bombing at an LGBT pride parade, the implementation of martial law, an increase in Tribal attacks, and the eventual deposition of President Cheasequah Waya.[8]

On the internet, the phrase "The King has Fallen" circulated widely amongst Creeperian and Lyoan online communities on websites such as TuVu, Twitter, Shichan, and Dice!.[9] Outside of Sur and its communities online, however, the event received very little foreign attention or recognition.

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  1. Creeperian: Ոպերածիօն Բանանա; Creeperian pronunciation: [o.peɾ.aˈcion baˈna.na].
  2. Gisbert Alcabú was publicly executed in Creeperopolis. Despite being in violation of the Terraconserva Council of Nations' (TCN) Resolution 010 which outlawed such public executions, no action was taken against the violation of international law by either the Terraconserva Council of Nations or by Quebecshire, the resolution's author.


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