National Coffee and Sugar Corporation

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National Coffee and Sugar Corporation
Native name
Ծորպորածիօն Նածիոնալ դե Ծաֆէ յ Ազղծար
Iberic name
Corporación Nacional de Café y Azúcar
Founded22 February 1899; 125 years ago (1899-02-22)
FounderSantiago Gálvez Cambeiro
HeadquartersTorre Emperador Adolfo III, San Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis
Key people
  • Coffee
  • Coffee beans
  • Sugar
  • Sugarcane
  • Other products
RevenueIncrease ₡223.2 billion colóns (2019)
Increase ₡132.7 billion colóns (2019)
Increase ₡90.5 billion colóns (2019)
Number of employees
59,616 (2019)

The National Coffee and Sugar Corporation (CreeperianCreeperian: Ծորպորածիօն Նածիոնալ դե Ծաֆէ յ Ազղծար; Creeperian – Iberic: Corporación Nacional de Café y Azúcar; abbreviated ԾՈՐՆԱԾԱ/CORNACA) is a Creeperian monopoly in the Creeperian coffee and sugar industry headquartered in San Adolfo, Xichútepa, Creeperopolis.

CORNACA is the biggest coffee and sugar company in the world and one of Creeperopolis' private-sector companies.

Current Operations

Business Areas

CORNACA operates in the following business areas:

  • Coffee farming
  • Sugarcane farming
  • Coffee picking
  • Coffee transportation
  • Sugar transportation


Development (2018)
Year Revenue
in mil. CCL-₡
Operating Income
in mil. CCL-₡
Price per Share
in CCL-₡
2018 205.6 1.66 103.84
2019 223.2 1.7 104.16


CORNACA controls every Creeperian sugar or coffee plantation in the country, accounting for 100% of the country's sugar and coffee production and a significant portion of the world's production.

International Investments

Quebecshire has made investments into CORNACA.

CORNACA sells its produced sugar to Pepsi.


The company is owned by the Gálvez Family, which has owned the company since its foundation in 1899.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CORNACA is a major supporter of the arts in Creeperopolis.



Coffee beans being grown in Creeperopolis.
Sugarcane being grown in Creeperopolis.

The National Coffee and Sugar Corporation was founded in 1899 after Santiago Gálvez Cambeiro, owner of the Creeperian Coffee Company (CCC), bought out the Creeperian Sugar Company (CAC) creating a coffee and sugar monopoly.

From 1899-1933, the company received government subsidies.

Civil War

During the Creeperian Civil War from 1933-1949, the company almost went bankrupt as its plantations were continuously bombed or invaded and workers often refused to work since they supported the National Council for Peace and Order.

Post-Civil War to Present

After the civil war, government subsidies continued to help the company recover from near bankruptcy.

From January 22, 1979, to March 24, 1979, peasants working in CORNACA fields revolted. The rebellion was crushed by the Creeperian Army.

After the Tuxtla Martínez train disaster, the CEO of CORNACA was put on trial for several charges. All charges were dropped and accusations of bribery were spread. See Corruption in Creeperopolis.

Today CORNACA is the fourth most valuable company in Creeperopolis.


No. Photo Name
Term Owner
Term Start Term End Term Length
1. Bernardo Reyes 1909.jpg Santiago Gálvez Cambeiro
February 22, 1899 March 12, 1899 19 days Bernardo Reyes 1909.jpg
Santiago Gálvez Cambeiro

2. Francisco Leon de la Barra.jpg Gustavo López Davidson
March 12, 1899 February 21, 1928 28 years and 347 days
James Creelman.jpg
Santiago Gálvez Ortega
Francisco I Madero-retouched.jpg
Emmanuel Gálvez Ortega
3. Francisco Sánchez Vizcarra
February 21, 1928 June 13, 1944 16 years and 114 days
4. General PE Calles 8 (cropped).jpg Cristian Abasto Valerio
June 13, 1944 November 18, 1979 35 years and 159 days
Henry Lane Wilson.jpg
Eduardo Gálvez Salinas
5. Victor R. Ramirez (2007).jpg Gustavo Graciani Cortéz
November 18, 1979 May 7, 2002 22 years and 171 days TENOR FERNANDO DEL VALLE ONSTAGE.jpg
José Gálvez Campos
6. Daboub, Juan José (IMF portrait, 2008).jpg Alexander Zorita Beldad
May 7, 2002 January 1, 2015 12 years and 240 days
Roberto José d'Aubuisson.jpg
Mateo Gálvez Semprún
7. 80px Sebastián Fernández Cicerón
January 1, 2015 Incumbent 9 years and 197 days

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