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Militarist Nationalist Front
Frente Nacionalista Militarista
Participant in the Creeperian Civil War, Third Senvarian Insurgency, Papal War, Partisan Resistance (Creeperopolis), Mara War, Castillianan Insurgency, and the Deltinian Insurgency
FRENAMI's flag.
Political positionFar-Right
GeneralGustavo Duarte Carpio
HeadquartersSanta Ana, Creeperopolis
Area of operationsCreeperopolis Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis (alleged, denied)
DINA FLAG.jpeg DINA (alleged, denied)
Free christian army 1.png Free Christian Army
HRM Flag.png Holy Resistance Movement
Opponent(s)Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis Creeperian Armed Forces

El Salvador El Salvador
Flag of Senvar.jpeg Senvar

CNCRflag.png Castillianan National Council of Reorganization

Mara Salvatrucha
FLA flag.png Free Lyoan Army
ARL Flag.png Army for the Rescue of Lyoa
Abbasid banner.svg Emirate of Deltino

Abbasid banner.svg United Liberation Alliance of Deltino
Abbasid banner.svg Deltinian Patriotic Alliance
23px Alhaz Freedom Fighters
23px Vigilant Atheists
Creeperopolis Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization

Creeperopolis Creeperian Government-in-Exile

NCLOF Logo.PNG National Coalition of Lyoan Opposition Forces
Battles and war(s)Creeperian Civil War
Third Senvarian Insurgency
Papal War
Partisan Resistance (Creeperopolis)
Mara War
Castillianan Insurgency
Deltinian Insurgency
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
CNCRflag.png Castilliano
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Abbasid banner.svg Deltino
El Salvador El Salvador
Flag of Senvar.jpeg Senvar
Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil[1]

The Militarist Nationalist Front (Creeperian: Frente Nacionalista Militarista, abbreviated FRENAMI, also called the Sombra Negra) is a death squad which currently operates in Creeperopolis. Sombra Negra was founded during the Creeperian Civil War by Adolfo Rivera López in 1940. The death squad originally targeted members and civilian supporters of the National Council for Peace and Order (Miguelists, National Council) as well as Deltinian civilians. The death squad's most infamous action was the Denshire Massacre where 25,000 civilians, mostly Deltinians, were slaughtered. Following the civil war, the death squad moved on to target Senvarian civilians and supporters of the Senvarian Liberation Front. Sombra Negra began to target members of Mara Salvatrucha in 1951, the year the gang was formed, and gang member remain the death squad's primary prey. With the erruption of the Deltinian Insurgency, the Sombra Negra joined forces with ten other death squads to from the Creeperian Council for Order and Stability (CCOE), who then changed its name to the Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination (FALANGE), to target and kill Deltinian civilians and supporters of the self-proclaimed Emirate of Deltino.


Civil War

The Creeperian Civil War erupted on January 2, 1933, following a skirmish in San Salvador del Norte between forces loyal to Romero I and Miguel VII. Following the skirmish, the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council (Romerists, Imperial Council) and the National Council for Peace and Order (Miguelists, National Council) were formed.

A war began in El Salvador, but it soon ended in 1935 following the fall of Ciudad de Granada. The National Council then began the Papal War later in 1935 and the Senvarian Liberation Front declared independence in 1934. From 1936, a stalemate effectively consumed the conflict with neither side gainging much territory.


Adolfo Rivera López was a poor Creeperian farmer living in the countryside of Santa Ana. In 1940, the Senvarian Liberation Front raided his farm and killed his mother and father while him and his younger brother, Enrique Rivera López, were buying supplies for the farm in the city of Santa Ana. He was filled with anger at hearing the news and he wished to see the deaths of all Senvarians in revenge for his parents' deaths. He and his brother established the Militarist Nationalist Front, and the sole goal of the group was to kill as many Senvarians as possible. Rivera López also targeted communists and Deltinians.

A similar group, the Crusaders of King Alfonso (FCPC, Cristeros), also formed in similar conditions, however the Cristeros were formed to fight communism, establish National Catholicism, and protect Creeperian farmers. The Militarist Nationalist Front on the other hand was established for the sole purpose of genocide and ethnocide.

The Militarist Nationalist Front quickly gained members amassing around 1,000 members by 1941. The group began to capture and kill Senvarian civilians in Santa Ana and Senvar. These killings brought the death squad to the immediate attention to the Senvarian Liberation Front who saw the Militarist Nationalist Front as a direct threat to Senvarian sovereignty.

The Militarist Nationalist Front, abbreviated as FRENAMI, became known as the "Sombra Negra" ("Black Shadow") in the mid-1940s due to their black banner and their guerrilla tactics of hiding in the jungle in all black uniforms, waiting to attack unsuspecting victims.

Denshire Massacre

On June 13, 1944, soldiers of the Militarist Nationalist Front stormed the city of Denshire. Immediately, stores, homes, and public spaces were raided, looted, and burned by the soldiers. People were rounded up and inspected to determine their ethnicity and religion. If an individual was found to be a Creeperian or a Catholic, the individual was released back into wherever they were captured. However, if an individual was found to be a Deltinian or a Muslim, they were placed into a truck and driven outside the city to be killed by a firing squad. Escapees were shot immediately and towards the end of the day, Deltinians and Muslims were killed immediately upon being identified to increase the death toll.

Initially, the soldiers forced the rounded up Deltinians to dig their own graves to be executed in, but as the morning went on and more and more captives were rounded up, the Deltinians were simply killed and their bodies were left on the ground. Executions initially took place in a wooded area outside the city. By noon, the executions were proformed on roadsides or just outside the city. By the mid-afternoon, the killings took place in the city itself, horrifying civilian witnesses to the massacre.

Some civilians attempted to shelter and protect Deltinians rightfully fearing for their lives. Deltinians were taken into homes and hidden behind bookshelves, under beds, in attics, in basements, and on rooftops. Many civilians attempted to assist the Deltinians. At first, civilians who hid and sheltered Deltinians were released free, but as the massacre progessed and more and more Deltinians were found hiding in homes, a no-quarter was initaited where all people caught hiding Deltinians were to be burned alive in their homes.

CORNACA CEO Francisco Sánchez Vizcarra was executed during the Denshire Massacre for sheltering 132 Deltinians in his mansion.

The most infamous case of a Creeperian civilian sheltering and protecting Deltinan civilians is of Francisco Sánchez Vizcarra. Sánchez Vizcarra was a wealthy businessman and the then CEO of the National Coffee and Sugar Corporation. Sánchez Vizcarra had a second mansion in Denshire which he purchased before the outbreak of the Creeperian Civil War. When civil war errupted, he was forced to essentially abandon his mansion in Denshire as it fell under the control of the National Council for Peace and Order. When Denshire was liberated in 1943 by the Imperial Council, he returned to rebuild the mansion and cater to the civilians of the city with his vast amounts of wealth. Sánchez Vizcarra was loved by the people of Denshire, and when the massacre began, many Deltinians flocked to his mansion in hopes of surviving. He hid a total of 132 Deltinians in his mansion during the massacre. However, he was caught by the soldiers of Sombra Negra and condemend to die in the fire of his mansion along with the 132 Deltinians hiding inside. He attempted to bribe the soldiers ₡245 million dollars[lower-alpha 1][lower-alpha 2] to spare him and the 132 Deltinians. The soldiers refused the bribe. Instead, he bribed the soldiers the same amount to take him and the prisoners outside of Denshire and to the nearby village of Juayúa to be executed there and be properly buried instead of being burned alive or have thier bodies left in the steets. The soldiers agreed and Francisco Sánchez Vizcarra and the 132 Deltinians were executed and buried in the village of Juayúa. His mansion was subsequently looted by the Sombra Negra.

Throughout the massacre, thousands of women were raped by soldiers and left to die. Men who resisted were hanged by Sombra Negra soldiers on lampposts in the city. Children younger than the age of seven were forcibly conscripted and forced to kill their fellow Deltinians during the massacre. If the children refused, they were killed. If the children complied, they were abducted by the Sombra Negra following the massacre and forced to be child soldiers.

At sunset, mosques were lit ablaze, soldiers conducted their final killings, and the Sombra Negra withdrew from the city with an estimated 200 abducted children into the Creeperian countryside, killing more Deltinians during the withdrawl and march out of the city. By the time the massacre was over, 25,000 lay dead in the streets. The slaughter of 25,000 in the city of Denshire became to be known as the infamous Denshire Massacre and the Denshire Genocide.

Fall of the CNPO

War Against Senvarians

War Against Maras

War Against Deltinians




  1. The Catholic Imperial Restoration Council used the Creeperian Dollar. The Creeperian Dollar itself was in circulation from 1814 up until 2003 when it was replaced with the currenly circulating Creeperian colón.
  2. The attempted bribe of ₡245 million Creeperian Dollars is worth a total of ₡1.3 billion Creeperian colóns in 2020.

See Also

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