River Union

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River Union

220 BC–537 AD
Symbols of Creeperian Confedeartion
Creeperian Confederation.png
Creeperian Paganism
GovernmentHegemonic military confederation of allied tribal states
Kuaitl Tlatoani 
• 220–198 BC
Axayacatl I
• 520–537 AD
Tapayaxi I
• Establishment
220 BC
15 September 537 AD
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Proto-Creeperian civilization
Kingdom of Creeperia 20px
Today part of Creeperopolis

The Creeperian Confederation, contemporaneously known as the River Union (Xichútepan: Ատոյասեմախկայոտլ, Atoyasemaxkayotl), was a confederation of north-Surian tribes which existed from 220 BC until 537 AD primarily in the modern-day Creeperian departments of Xichútepa and La'Libertad del Norte. The confederation was formed following a period of social disorder following the 250 BC Chicxulub eruption which ended the Proto-Creeperian civilization. The confederation was abolished in 537 AD following the War of Creeperian Unification which centralized the confederation's government under King Filip I, marking the beginning of the Kingdom of Creeperia.


The civilization was composed of 7 tribes.

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