Creeperian Confederation

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Land of the Creeperans

Symbols of Pre-Creeperian Civilization
Creeperian Confederation.png
Creeperian Paganism
GovernmentHegemonic military confederation of allied tribal states
Kuaitl Tlatoani 
• 220BC–198BC
Machtitín I
• 520AD–537AD
Ozchaxar I
Historical eraPre-Old Kingdom
• Establishment
15 September 537AD
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Proto-Creeperian civilization
Kingdom of Creeperia 20px
Today part of Creeperopolis

The Creeperian Confederation or Pre-Creeperian Civilization, self-referred to as the Land of the Creeperans (Pre-Old Creeperian: ցուէպիեոպոխուետա, pronounced Cuēpieopoxūeta), was a civilization that existed from 220BC until 537AD with the establishment of the Kingdom of Creeperia. The civilization was a loose military confederation of Creeperian city states which was founded following the collapse of the Proto-Creeperian civilization. The civilization came to an end following the War of Creeperian Unification where the advanced Amacha conquered all the other tribes of the confederation and established the Kingdom of Creeperia in 537AD.


The civilization was composed of 7 tribes.

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