Deltinian Islam

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Deltinian Islam
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founderJumail I bin Abu Kharzan
Founded date719AD
Founded locationAndaz

Deltinian Islam was founded in 719AD by Jumail I bin Abu Kharzan when the Zuhraid Caliphate took over the Deltino Muqataea and established Shiya dominance. They then established the Kharzamite of Deltino and after the death of Jumail I bin Abu Kharzan, Salim I bin Abu Kharzan took the throne in 730 AD and proclaimed himself as Caliph which begun the take over by the Zuhraid Caliphate, Emirate of Andaluzia, and Emirate of Valejara in Andaluzia. Deltinian Islam then was the primary religion of the Deltinian Caliphate from 734AD until its destruction in 1326 at the Siege of Almadinat Almuqadasa. It continued to exist under the Deltinian rump states of Abdan, Helam, Jakiz until 1345.

Deltinian Islam was persecuted from 1326 with the Decree of La'Victoria until 1565 when the First Parliament of Creeperopolis ended the First Great Persecution of Deltinian Islam. The Second Great Persecution of Deltinian Islam spanned from 1839 with the Decree of San Salvador until 1887. It was initiated by Emperor Adolfo III and it ended with the establishment of the Second Parliament of Creeperopolis.

Deltinian rebels attempted to establish an independent state in 1937 by rebelling against the National Council for Peace and Order but the revolt was crushed. Following the Creeperian Civil War, the Deltinians were forcibly deportated from across the Empire to the department of San Juan from 1949-1984.

The Deltinians began the Deltinian Insurgency in 2019 proclaiming the Emirate of Deltino as an independent state. Many believe a genocide is in the works.[citation needed] On May 2, 2020, Creeperopolis made practicing Islam punishable by death.