Desert War

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Desert War
  • 10 July 1933 – present
  • (91 years and 5 days)
Status Ongoing

Commanders and leaders

  • Former militia leaders:

The Desert War (Salisfordian: Guerra del Deserto; Salvadoran: Guerra del Desert) is an ongoing conflict along the El SalvadorSalisford border in the Noundures Desert.

Dispute over the location of the Salisfordian–Salvadoran border led the State of Granada to invade the disputed Modica Strip with the intention of eventually unifying it with the core Salvadoran territories on 10 July 1933, beginning what became the Desert War. This invasion was supported by Noundurian rebels who wished to see Salvadoran rule restored to the disputed territory. Following the fall of the Granadan regime in 1935, Salvadoran support for the rebels disintegrated because of their previous support of the Granadians.

The Nounduran rebels continued to fight the Salisfordians independently until the beginning of the Rubicon War in 1961 which saw the Creeperian and Salvadoran governments beginning to give the rebels military and economic support in order to redirect Salisfordian attention away from the Rubicon theater of operations. This support, along with and Salisfordian preoccupation with fighting in the west, saw an increase in Noundurian operational success, which was then followed by a subsequent ramping up of the scale and quantity of Noundurian operations. However, despite this, the Noundurians were unable to gain full control of the Modica Strip, and the signing of the Treaty of Rubicone in 1976 led to the full retraction of Creeperian support and recognition of the Noundurian state.

This retraction of support led to the reversal of Noundurian fortunes, and, in the following years, Salisfordian forces pushed back the Noundurians until all they were left with was highly defensible mountain terrain, Salvadoran-majority settlements, and various areas near the Salvadoran border.

Fighting in the these areas has mostly subsided, with both major forces being in, what has been described by international observers as, an "uneasy cease-fire". However, low-level fighting by pro- and anti-Salisfordian insurgents and paramilitaries has continued in some areas.


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