Assassination of Adolfo Cabañeras Moreno

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Operation Liberation
Operación Liberación
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
Cabañeras Moreno's car after the attack.
Cabañeras Moreno's car after the attack.
Operational scopeDecapitation strike
PlannedDecember 1943 – May 1944
Planned by National Council
Atheist Red Army
Commanded byJosé Igruiega Menta
TargetAdolfo Cabañeras Moreno
Date9 May 1944; 80 years ago (1944-05-09)
Executed by Atheist Red Army
Casualties6 killed
9 injured

Operation Liberation (CreeperianIberic: Operación Liberación) was the code name for the assassination of Supreme Caudillo Adolfo Cabañeras Moreno, the Minister of Defense of the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council, during the Creeperian Civil War. The assassination was carried out by the Atheist Red Army (ERA) in behalf of the National Council for Peace and Order. Cabañeras Moreno was one of the most powerful men in Creeperopolis and an important leader of the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council. Field Marshal Luís Sánchez Cerro, a Castillianan military officer and the former Prime Minister of Castilliano, three soldiers, and an assassin were also killed either during the bombing or the ensuing shootout. Nine additional people, six soldiers, and three assassins, were also injured. In response to the assassination, the Militarist Nationalist Front retaliated with the Denshire Massacre where 25,000 Deltinians were killed.