Battle of the San Salvador Catacombs

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Battle of the San Salvador Catacombs
Part of the Siege of San Salvador
Result Imperial Council victory
Imperial Council gains control of the catacombs
Imperial Council National Council
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses

The Battle of the San Salvador Catacombs (Creeperian: Batalla de las'Catacumbas de San Salvador) refers to a series of unorganized skirmishes which occurred between inside the San Salvador Catacombs beneath the city of San Salvador during the Siege of San Salvador of the Creeperian Civil War. From 1946 to 1949, soldiers of the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council (Imperial Council) and the National Council for Peace and Order (National Council) would encounter each other and often fight each other within the catacombs.

The catacombs were built during the 1780s and used periodically during the 1700s and 1800s before being abandoned in 1888. Upon the outbreak of the civil war in 1933, the catacombs were reopened, and with the beginning of the Siege of San Salvador in 1946, the catacombs were used by both the Imperial Council and National Council to covertly transport supplies, establish barracks and hospitals, hold prisoners-of-war, conduct intelligence operations, among other uses. Both factions utilized the catacombs due to their mysterious and unknown nature. Several reports recount how soldiers from both factions encountered each other while executing tasks and operations which resulted in skirmishes, injuries, and death.

Due to the large size of the catacombs—spanning over 330 miles of underground tunnels—many bodies were never recovered and remain within the catacombs. From 1950 to 1952, the Creeperian government recovered a total of 603 soldiers' bodies from the catacombs who were killed during skirmishes within the catacombs' tunnel system, but the government estimates that at least "thousands" of bodies remain unrecovered. Several of soldiers' bodies are recovered each year after individuals who illegally enter the catacombs came across them; since 1952, around 320 additional bodies have been recovered.

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