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Terraconserva Council of Nations


Political map of Terraconserva.
Terraconserva is a planet located in its solar system. Terraconserva is home to humans and many languages, as well as a loose governing body called the Terraconserva Council of Nations with its headquarters being located in Bostonia. The largest city in Terraconserva is San Salvador, followed by Quebecshire City. Abrahamic religions dominate the world, however, Atheism makes up a large portion of the world's religious makeup alongside Paganism. The first civilization in Terraconserva was the Ayreoshubic Kingdom which rose around 3500BC and collapsed around 2000BC. Its territory is now controlled by Terranihil, Jackson, and Quebecshire. Today, Ayreoshubic influence can be seen all around the world with almost every nation having speakers that speak an Ayreoshubic Language

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2022 Sequoyan referendum results (Arapaho, Eastern Sequoyah, and New Austin).png
Referendums were held on 31 October 2022 in the Sequoyan provinces of Arapaho, Eastern Sequoyah, and Itse Ulagohisdi which determined wether Sequoyan territory would be annexed by Creeperopolis. The referendums were scheduled as a part of an agreement between the Creeperian and Sequoyan governments made in June 2022 to bring an end to the Cooperation and Development Coalition's (CODECO) military occupation of the country, which had been ongoing since December 2020 when CODECO forces deposed interim President Diwali Wesa. Read more...
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Czar Bezat IV of Saratov
Ongoing: 2023–24 Dontalamh election

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Map of the Viceroyalty of Sur Isla de San Antonio.png
A map of the Viceroyalty of Susla and its municipalities.
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