Democratization of Creeperopolis

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Democratization of Creeperopolis
1886–88 Creeperian political crisis
Adolfo III of Creeperopolis
Inhué Ordóñez Yepes
Emperor Adolfo III (left) and Inhué Ordóñez Yepes (right),
the two lead figures of Creeperopolis' democratization.
Date1886 – January 1888
Caused by
  • Abolition of the monarchy
  • Democratization of the country
  • Establishment of a parliament
  • Expansion of political freedoms
  • Secession of Senvar
  • Protests
  • Riots
  • Strikes
  • Insurgency
Resulted inBeginning of the Second Parliamentary Era
  • End of the Adolfisto
  • Reduction of the monarchy's power
  • Establishment of a parliament
  • Establishment of political parties
  • Autonomy for Senvar
Parties to the civil conflict

Creeperian government

  • Monarchists
  • Conservatives
  • Political Catholics

Pro-democratic politicians

  • Republicans
  • Liberals
  • Socialists
  • Communists
  • Anarchists
Lead figures

The democratization of Creeperopolis, known in Creeperopolis as The Democratization (Creeperian: La'Democratización), was a two-year period between 1886 and 1888 where the power of the Creeperian absolute monarchy was curbed and a parliament was established. The political changes in Creeperopolis ended the Adolfisto and began the Second Parliamentary Era which lasted until 1933 with the outbreak of the Creeperian Civil War.


Fall of the First Parliamentary Era

Manuelisto and Adolfisto

Democratic movements


Second Parliamentary Era

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