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View over a field in the Rakeoian countryside.

Hola! Bonvenon al Rakeo!

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Rakeo, officially the Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo (Creeperian/Rakeoian Spanish – Iberic: República Estratocrática de Rakeo), is a repressive nation ruled by a military oligarchy, and is the second poorest in Sur. It shares a naval border with Creeperopolis and Sequoyah. The capital and largest city of the country is Olino, where as much as a tenth of the population lives. As of 2020, an estimated 30 million people live in the island nation.

The Empire of Rakeo was established in 656 as an extension of existing agreements between neighboring kingdoms, allowing for the peaceful settling of disputes. While challenges emerged over the centuries, the empire remained intact until an outbreak of crop disease spread across the island sometime in the 12th century, resulting in a fragmentation that would persist until the 17th century.

In 1838, the invasion of Rakeo by Creeperopolis dismantled the existing governments and established the Captaincy General of Rakeo. Following the first independence referendum, a colonial republic was allowed to administer the island, and with the second independence referendum, the Second Republic of Rakeo established the nation's autonomy. In 1950, the Rakeoian Civil War broke out following a failed coup attempt and mutiny. After five years of intermittent fighting, a Stratocratic Republic composed of army officials was solidified as the island's government. The new government was notably hostile to Creeperopolis until a confrontation over control of the Asequi Strait and Susla led to the Surian Fishing War ending with Rakeoian territorial and political concessions.

The Rakeoian economy used to be based on agricultural and textile exports, but under the isolationist policies of the government during 1955 to 1980, exports fell and the economy contracted to its modern value of ℝ34.1 trillion. The Ralgi, the official currency of Rakeo, has hyperinflated to over 113 times as much as the Quebecshirite Credit, the base currency of Terraconserva. As such, the figure of ℝ34.1 trillion is equivalent to ₡300 billion credits. The country continues to struggle with poor foreign relations, a drug epidemic, a weak economy, and nationwide poverty.

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