Salvadoran Republic

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Salvadoran Republic

República Salvadoreña
Flag of El Salvador
Motto: "Republicanismo, Liberalismo, Libertad"
”Republicanism, Liberalism, Liberty"
Anthem: Himno Republicano Salvadoreño
(Jackian: "Salvadoran Republican Anthem")
Location of El Salvador
CapitalCiutat dels Àngels
Common languagesSpanish
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy (de jure)
Benevolent Military Dictatorship (de facto)
• President
Paúl Sáenz Mina
Tomás Alemán Prats
Historical eraSalvadoran Revolution of 1956
July 13, 1956
November 11, 1956
CurrencySalvadoran Peso
ISO 3166 codeSV
Preceded by
Succeeded by
20px Salvadoran Provisional Government of National Accord
Salvadoran Civic Reconstruction Junta 20px

The Salvadoran Republic (Creeperian: República Salvadoreña), also called the Republic of El Salvador (República de El Salvador) was a revolutionary state that ruled over parts of the Principality of El Salvador between July 13, 1956 and November 11, 1956. It was led by President Paúl Sáenz Mina with support from Tomás Alemán Prats, Commander-in-Chief of the Salvadoran Army. The republic was proclaimed following the execution of Carlos Castillo Armas, the de facto pro-Creeperian dictator of the country, during the Salvadoran Revolution of 1956.

The Salvadoran Flag with the coat of arms cut out, a symbol of the revolution.