Republic of Creeperopolis

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Republic of Creeperopolis

República de Creeperópolis
Motto: Justicia con la'Verdad
Common languagesCreeperian
None official
Creeperian Catholicism (dominant)
GovernmentRevolutionary democratic republic
• 1729–1730
• 1730–1741
Orlando Moreno Hidalgo
Prime Minister 
• 1729–1730
Orlando Moreno Hidalgo
• 1730–1741
Francisco López Yagüe
Historical eraFirst Parliamentary Era
• Established
13 August 1729
• Disestablished
7 September 1741
CurrencyCreeperian Peso
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Creeperopolis
State of the Church
Kingdom of Creeperopolis
Today part of Creeperopolis

The Republic of Creeperopolis (Creeperian: República de Creeperópolis) also known as the called the Creeperian Republic (República Creeperiano), was a republic which existed in Sur between 1729 and 1730.

In 1729, the failed Monarch's Revolution led to the execution of King Carlos III, and afterwards, Prime Minister Orlando Moreno Hidalgo proclaimed the establishment of a republic, abolishing the centuries-long Creeperian monarchy. During the short-lived republic, the Liberal Party dominated Parliament, and the government would end on 15 September 1730 following the People's Revolution which reestablished the country's constitutional monarchy.