Creeperian Army

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Creeperian Army
Եջէրծիտո Ծրեեպերիանո
Ejército Creeperiano
Creeperian Army Badge.png
Army Ensign
Founded8 February 1231; 792 years ago (1231-02-08)
Country Creeperopolis
RoleLand warfare
HeadquartersSan Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis
Nickname(s)El Ejército
PatronSt. Alfonso I
Motto(s)Lucho por la'Patria
MarchAvenida de la'Patria
Anniversaries8 February, 18 June, 15 September
EngagementsList of wars
Commander-in-ChiefEmperor Alexander II
Minister of DefenseAugusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Supreme CaudilloAugusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Battle flagCreeperian Army

The Creeperian Army (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Եջէրծիտո Ծրեեպերիանո; Iberic: Ejército Creeperiano; abbreviated as ԵԾ/EC)is the land warfare service branch of the Creeperian Armed Forces. It is one of the four uniformed services of Creeperopolis and is designated as the Army of Creeperopolis in the Creeperian Constitution. The Army was formed during the Creeperian Crusade in 1231 and continues to serve Creeperopolis. The Army has 3,500,000 active duty soldiers.