Administrative divisions of Terranihil

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Terranihil is made up of 12 governorates, each of which is composed of 5 districts for a total of 60 districts. Each district then contains a varying number of counties for a total of 356. Terranihil is a unitary state, thus political power is centered within the national government, with limited autonomy granted to local administrations. A governor and governatorial assembly manages each governorate, a district-minister and district assembly manage each district, and counties generally have elected councils.



Each of the twelve governorates has an elected governatorial assembly. The number of seats on the assembly and election method varies but it is similar to the ranked process in which the parliament is elected. The assembly then elects a governor, also called governor-minister, as its executive leader.

# Emblem Governorate Capital Largest City Population
1 Gov emblem 4.png Minaltar Minaltar Minaltar 20,200,000
2 Gov emblem 9.png Felsafella Hervanav Araz 9,000,000
3 Gov emb 8.png Čerasa Basel Softemla 7,150,000
4 Gov emblem 10.png Mažel Maplas Scipia Scipia 6,324,000
5 Gov emblem 6.png Dastivia Dastivus Dastivus 7,750,0000
6 Gov emb 1.png Upa Pinaria Pinaria 7,337,000
7 Gov emblem 11.png West Acillia Faıŧarp Faıŧarp 2,660,000
8 Gov emblem 12.png East Acillia Čečepšjo Čečepšjo 4,340,000
9 Gov emb 2.png Kavarda Mestaga Mestaga 5,000,000
10 Valeriana emblem.png Neclemun Sainte-Delphine Sainte-Delphine 5,520,000
11 Gov emblem 5.png Sipaipa Sipaipa Sipaipa 7,610,000
12 Govv emblem 3.png Pytabia Valeriana Valeriana 9,940,000
- Coat of arms terra FINAL.png Terranihil Minaltar Minaltar 92,818,000