New Atheist Red Army

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New Atheist Red Army
Ejército Rojo Ateo Nuevo
Participant in the Partisan Resistance
Flag of the New Atheist Red Army
  • Miguelism
  • Communism
  • Anti-Romerism
  • Anti-Catholicism
Political positionFar-left
CommanderVíctor Mejía Múnera
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Originated as
Atheist Red Army

The New Atheist Red Army (Creeperian: Ejército Rojo Ateo Nuevo; abbreviated ERAN) was a left-wing paramilitary guerrilla group in Creeperopolis. The group fought during a period of time from 1949 to 1957, known as the Partisan Resistance, where the group fought and attempted to overthrow the Creeperian government and replace it with a left-wing Miguelist government.