Creeperian Government-in-Exile

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Empire of Creeperopolis

Imperio de Creeperópolis
Flag of the State of Creeperopolis
Arms of the State of Creeperopolis
Motto: Devajo Dios yel Emperador
Anthem: Himno Imperial
("Imperial Anthem")

CapitalSan Salvador, Creeperopolis (claimed)
Capital-in-exilePolo, New Illyricum
Common languagesCreeperian, Jackian
Creeperian Catholicism (official)
GovernmentDe jure absolute monarchy under a de facto military dictatorship
• 2003–2004
Salvador IV (claimed)
• 2004–2006
• 2004–2006
Antonio Gisbert Alcabú
Historical eraCreeperian Conflicts
18 June 2003
• Established
2 August 2003
17 December 2006
• Dissolved
CurrencyCreeperian Dollar
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Creeperian Government-in-Exile (Creeperian: Gobierno Creeperiano en Exilo; GOCREX), officially the Empire of Creeperopolis (Imperio de Creeperópolis), was the proclaimed government-in-exile in Creeperopolis. The government-in-exile claimed to be the legitimate government of Creeperopolis in the aftermath of the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état which deposed Emperor Alfonso VI and his government and replaced him with his son, Alexander II. The government-in-exile was established by supporters of Alfonso VI, referred to as Alfonsists, and was headquartered in southeastern New Illyricum.

The government declared Alfonso VI's third son, Salvador Martínez Hernández, as their Emperor, although "Salvador IV" never recognized their proclamation. The government-in-exile's proclamation of Salvador as their Emperor likely contributed to his assassination in 2004, which has since been suspected to have been conducted by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA). After his assassination, Antonio Gisbert Alcabú declared himself as acting Regent.

Gisbert Alcabú was captured by the Creeperian government on 17 December 2006 in Operation Banana and was executed shortly after. GOCREX was eventually dismantled by the New Illyrian government in 2007 and its leadership was purged.