1937 Deltinian rebellion

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1937 Deltinian Rebellion
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
Soldiers with the heads of executed Deltinian rebels.
Soldiers with the heads of executed Deltinian rebels.
Date5–17 May 1937
Result Rebellion suppression
Deltinian rebels National Council
Commanders and leaders
Muammar al-Koroma Executed Pascual Espinar Casaus
Units involved
240,000–500,000 80,000
Casualties and losses
3,139 killed 153 killed
328,000 civilians killed

The 1937 Deltinian Rebellion (Creeperian: Rebelión Deltiniano de 1937), referred to by Deltinians as The Uprising (Deltinian: الانتفاضة; transliterated: al-a-Intifada), was an uprising initiated by the Deltinians of southern Creeperopolis which occurred in May 1937.

Course of events

Initial revolt

On 5 May 1937, Deltinian Muslim peasants in the departments of Abdan, Helam, and Jakiz revolted against the rule of the National Council for Peace and Order. The Deltinian peasants were lead by Muammar al-Koroma. The peasants demanded total independence from the Imperial and National Councils for Abdan, Helam, and Jakiz, and called for support and aid from Greater Sacramento. The government declined to send direct aid but offered the Deltinians asylum in accordance with the 1853 Sacramatian Asylum Act.

Massacre of Deltinians

Before the Deltinians could accept the offer, National Council soldiers under General Pascual Espinar Casaus massacred 3,139 to 328,000 Deltinians, effectively suppressing the revolt on 17 May 1937.


Following the Miguelist massacre of Deltinians, Field Marshal Máximo Barrueco Morterero launched an offensive into the departments of Abdan, Helam, and Jakiz in order to "liberate" the Deltinians from atheist hands in August 1937. From August 1937 until January 1938, the Imperial Council made minimal gains. The offensive was forced to be cancelled in February 1938 due to a lack of supplies to continue the offensive. The Imperial Council fortified the frontline which had been established.

No members of the National Council for Peace and Order were ever charged with war crimes for the massacre of the Deltinians following the conclusion of the civil war.

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