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Hello! Welcome to The League!

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The League, previously known as The League of Conservative Nations and the LCN, and also known as the The Republic, is an enormous region consisting of a semi-democratic regional government with a democratically elected Council through nominations of three, and an unelected Consulate consisting of three Consuls of the Republic, one whom is a Chief Consul of the Republic, who are all equal as an institution. The region was founded on 17 April 2016.

Selected Article
Protocol Rendezvous more commonly referred to as Protocol first joined NationStates Saturday, July 11, 2015 under the nation Protocol Omega which was banned by NationStates moderators after Protocol Rendezvous flirted and made several romantic advances over the span of months with the female player Cayote, a puppet of the nation Kiuytrew both of which have Ceased to Exist. Following the banning of the nation, Read more...
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