Fall of Adolfosburg

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Fall of Adolfosburg
Part of the Adolfosburg Campaign of the Creeperian Civil War
Farrell y Peron-Abr45-HIA-T8-98.jpg
Fernández Suárez (left) and Rawson Perón (right) in Adolfosburg
Date17–26 September 1949
Result Decisive Imperial Council victory
Imperial Council gains control of Adolfosburg
Imperial Council National Council
Commanders and leaders

The Battle of Adolfosburg, more commonly known as the Fall of Adolfosburg, was a battle between the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council and the National Council for Peace and Order during the Creeperian Civil War which resulted in the fall of the city of Adolfosburg, the capital city of the National Council, to the Imperial Council. The city's fall marked the end of the Adolfosburg Campaign and was one of the final battles of the civil war, which ended only four days after the fall of Adolfosburg with the Battle of the Zapatista River.