Second Senvarian Civil War

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Second Senvarian Civil War
Battle of Lutzen.jpg
Death of Heinrich IV at the Battle of Lutzen.
DateApril 12, 1603-April 12, 1615
(12 years)

Leopoldist Victory

  • Defeat of the Heinrichists
Kingdom of Senvar Leopoldists
Supported by:
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Kingdom of Senvar Heinrichists
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Senvar Leopold II
Kingdom of Senvar Leopold II
Kingdom of Senvar Heinrich IV
Kingdom of Senvar Heinrich V
Kingdom of Senvar Heinrich VI  Executed
150,000 149,000
Casualties and losses
110,000 118,000

The Second Senvarian Civil War (Senvarian: Zweiter Senvarischer Bürgerkrieg) was a civil war withing the Kingdom of Senvar which raged from April 12, 1603 until April 12, 1615. The war was fought between rival factions of the House of Llactahuaman: the Leopoldists and the Heinrichists. The war ended in a Leopoldist victory.