Falange Creeperiano

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Creeperian Phalanx
Falange Creeperiano
Foundation17 February 1902; 122 years ago (1902-02-17)
Dissolved4 October 1949; 74 years ago (1949-10-04)
Merged intoRomerist Nationalist Front
Country Creeperopolis
Allegiance Catholic Royalist Party
MotivesProtection, intimidation, anti-communism
HeadquartersNuevo Xichútepa, Xichútepa, Creeperopolis
Political positionFar-right
Major actions1912-13 Creeperian Protests
The Reigns of Terrors
Battle of Nuevo Xichútepa
Allies Camisas Negras
OpponentsCreeperopolis Atheist Red Army
FlagBandera FE JONS.svg

The Falange Creeperiano (FALCRE) was the paramilitary wing of the Catholic Royalist Party from 1902 to 1949. It was lead by Antonio Sáenz Heredia and Óscar Únzaga Vega.