Siege of La'Victoria

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Siege of La'Victoria
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
A black-and-white photograph of soldiers raiding a ruined suburb
Imperial Council soldiers in suburbs of La'Victoria in 1941
Date5 May 1934 – 7 August 1949
(15 years, 4 months and 2 days)
Result Decisive Imperial Council victory
  • Imperial Council retains control of
    La'Victoria and surrounding areas
Imperial Council National Council
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
Initial: 450,000 Initial: 500,000
Casualties and losses
235,000–356,000 dead
260,000+ wounded
55,000 missing
217,000–340,000 dead
280,000+ wounded
62,000 missing
542,000+ civilians dead

The Siege of La'Victoria (Creeperian: Sito de La'Victoria) was a military engagement of the Creeperian Civil War fought between the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council (Imperial Council) and the National Council for Peace and Order (National Council). The siege lasted over 15 years, making it the the lengthiest military engagement of the entire civil war.

La'Victoria was and still is considered to be a "crown jewel" of Creeperopolis due to the city's history of being established upon the ruins of Almadinat Almuqadasa, the capital city of the Caliphate of Deltino, in 1326. Due to this symbolic religious importance, the Imperial Council sought to keep the city at all costs while the National Council sought to capture it at all costs. For most of the civil war, La'Victoria was the only major city held by the Imperial Council in the department of San Luís, which had mostly been captured by the National Council.

The siege was one of the deadliest of the civil war, with between 994,000 to 1.238 million deaths occurring throughout. Around half of the deaths were civilians, and around two-thirds of the city's pre-war population were killed and a further one-fifth was evacuated.



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