2019–2020 Morovan crisis

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2019–2020 Morovan crisis
Date31 August 2019 – 6 April 2020
(7 months and 6 days)
Morova and the Glaceis Ocean, with spillovers into Creeperopolis, Paleocacher, and Quebecshire

International coalition victory

Morova annexed by Groffenord

Morova Morovan government

Morova Morovan Armed Forces


Supported by:
JTD (January 2020)
Commanders and leaders

Morova Fyodor Ivanovich
Morova Rodia Myshkin
Morova Dmitri Rameus
Paleocacher Dillon Larson

Quebecshire André Bellerose
Quebecshire Lucien LaRochelle
Quebecshire Émeric Boudreaux
Quebecshire David Massé
Creeperopolis Alexander II
Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Creeperopolis José Guerrero López
Groffenord Werner Herrmann
New Gandor Jackson Nowak
Paleocacher Caitlin Pike
Terranihil Jona Hégdon
Zion Joshua Graham

Morova Alyosha Karamazov

Morova Alyosha Karamazov  Executed
Morova Ishida Tandi (MIA)
Casualties and losses
Total: 6,910+ killed

The 2019–2020 Morovan crisis[note 1] was a state of heightened military tensions and conflict between Morova and a coalition of various nations which was primarily concentrated in the Glaceis Ocean, but also spread to all three continents. Beginning in August 2021 with the overthrow of Supreme Leader Dmitri Rameus by Marshal Fyodor Ivanovich, a civil war eventually occurred in Morova in September and October 2021 and caused the Terraconserva Council of Nations to pass TCN Resolutions 001 and 003 against Morova.

Following a seizure of power by Admiral Alyosha Karamazov, Morova began to antagonize several nations, including members of the International Coalition for Morova (INTCOMOR) and Creeperopolis.




Foreign support

International nations




Blockading nations




August–October 2019

2019 Morovan coup d'état

Arrest of Vladimir Kruschev

Morovan Civil War

November–December 2019

January–February 2020

Armas Blockade

March–April 2020

Declaration of Independence of Zion

Withdrawal of recognition of Morova
Nation Date withdrawn Ref.
 Creeperopolis 28 March 2020 [1]
Recognition of Zion
Nation Date recognized Ref.
 Creeperopolis 28 March 2020 [1]
 New Gandor 29 March 2020 [2]

Battle of the Glaceis Ocean

Trial of Alyosha Karamazov


War crimes and controversies

Shootdown of Morovan aircraft

A H-4 Hercules similar to the one involved in the shootdown.

Sinking of The Lady Kieva

Bombardment of Morova


Annexation of Morova


In Morova



Passed TCN resolutions, the "Morova Resolutions"

TCN Resolution 001

TCN Resolution 001 – Condemnation of the People's Republic of Morova

TCN Resolution 003

TCN Resolution 003 – Ban on the International Sale of Weapons to Morova

TCN Resolution 005

TCN Resolution 005 – Instatement of a Naval Blockade on the People's Republic of Morova

TCN Resolution 011

TCN Resolution 011 – Ban on the International Purchase of Weapons to and from Morova and the Instatement of a Blockade

TCN Resolution 012

TCN Resolution 012 – Admittance of the Republic of Zion as an Observer State

TCN Resolution 013

TCN Resolution 013 – Prohibition of Petroleum Sales to and from Morova

TCN Resolution 014

TCN Resolution 014 – Mandate for the International Trial of Alyosha Karamazov

TCN Resolution 016

TCN Resolution 016 – On the Subject of the Island of Morova



On 1 February 2020, the Creeperian Armed Forces established the Morovan Campaign Medal (Medalla de la'Campaña Morobeño, MCM), a military medal awarded to soldiers and officers who participated in the Armas Blockade. Following the occurrence of the Battle of the Glaceis Ocean in late-March 2020, the award was split into three grades: A Grade which was awarded for service in the Armas Blockade, G Grade which was awarded for service in the Battle of the Glaceis Ocean, and A–G grade which was awarded for participation in both engagements. A total of 20,593 soldiers were awarded the medal and its motto was Triunfar contra'l Comunismo ("Triumph over Communism").

On 31 March 2021, the one year anniversary of the Battle of the Glaceis Ocean, the Creeperian Navy commissioned the BIC DA 109 (Pontífice) submarine into service. The submarine was one of the six Typhoon-class submarines captured during the battle and the only one captured by the Creeperian Navy. Originally named the MAS Patriarch, the submarine was repaired by the Creeperian Navy and paraded as a war trophy during a naval "show of force" in Sonsonate.[3]

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