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Welcome to the League's Wiki! This is a collaborative Wikipedia style encyclopedia for the NationStates region The League and its roleplay Terraconserva. This is a guide to new contributors.

If you are interested in joining the Terraconserva roleplay, you must first join The League's Discord server (a link for which can be found on the region's world factbook entry) and then contact Creeperopolis, Quebecshire, or Paleocacher to get you sorted out.

If you do not yet have a Wiki account, contact Terranihil for the password for account creation, then click here to create your account. Keep in mind, your account cannot be recovered if you forget your password.

For a more comprehensive guide, check out Wikipedia's Help:Getting started and Help:Wikitext for text formatting help.

General policies

  1. The League Wiki administrators have the authority to dictate the content on the Wiki and who uses the Wiki.
  2. Only approved users may make edits. Accounts that have not been approved will be blocked.
  3. Vandalism, defined as action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to the Wiki and its pages, is not allowed. This includes vandalism intended as a joke.
  4. The Wiki administrators may issue warnings for misconduct. If misconduct continues after a warning or if misconduct is severe, the administrators may issue a ban.

Page policies

  • Pages should be written from a neutral stance and third person.
  • Pages should include citations when possible.
  • Pages should use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Pages should not use colloquial language.
  • Pages should be properly categorized.

Creating your country's main page

Use the search bar to type in the name of your country. Click on the red link to create that page.

We suggest you model your first page on an existing page. A good example of a country's main page is Creeperopolis. You can click Edit on that page (or any other) and then copy-paste some of the code from it into your page. You should first copy-paste the country infobox into your page and then change the information to suit your country.

Much of the process for learning how to use wiki code is copy-pasting it from other people's pages. Do not hesitate to do so.

After making the infobox and maybe writing an introduction paragraph, you should categorize the page. You can do this by adding [[Category:CATEGORYNAME]] at the bottom of your page. You can categorize a page into multiple categories. For your country's page and every roleplay page you create, you want to add [[Category:Terraconserva]] and a category specifically for your country so [[Category:COUNTRYNAME]].

Then click Show preview at the bottom of the page and make sure your page looks fine. If so, click Save page. Congrats on creating your first page.

Making pages

Creating a page

To create a page, simply type in the title you would like the page to have into the search bar at the top right. If such a page does not already exist, the results will say Create the page "TITLE" on this wiki!. Click on that red link and it will allow you to create that page.

Make sure your page title is properly capitalized. Capitalize the initial letter of a title; otherwise, words are not capitalized unless they would be so in running text (e.g. Capital punishment in Creeperopolis, not Capital Punishment in Creeperopolis). Do not include definite or indefinite articles (the or a) in titles unless they are part of a proper name (e.g. General of the Defense Forces, not The General of the Defense Forces).

If you mistitle a page or need to change it for some reason, you must move the page (this will be covered below).

For more information on proper titling, consult this page: Wikipedia guide for article titles

Editing a page

To edit an existing page, click Edit on the top right. Once you make an edit, you should always preview by clicking Show preview at the bottom. Once you ensure that your edits are proper, click Save page to save the changes.

If you want to undo the changes you made, click View history on the top right near Edit, then click undo.

You can edit almost every page on the wiki, even ones you have not created yourself. You will not be able to edit some pages which are protected. This Wiki is a collaborative project, so you may contribute to pages that others have created. However, the Terraconserva roleplay generally gives players creative leeway over their own nation and its history, meaning you should not create or erase the content others have made for their own roleplay country without their permission first.

Moving a page

If you want to change the title of a page, you must move it by clicking Move in the More dropdown on the top right. Type the new title of the page in the first textbox. Keep Move associated talk page checked.

Whether you want to leave a redirect behind is up to your own discretion; we recommend you leave a redirect if the page you are moving is linked to in multiple pages so that you do not have to edit the links in those pages. Make sure to prevent double redirects (instances in which a page redirects to a page that redirects to another page) when moving pages; consult below to fix double redirects.

Redirecting a page

To have a page redirect to another, insert #REDIRECT [[INSERTPAGETITLE]] in the page. To fix double redirects, edit the page that redirects to another redirect, and have the redirect go to the page with the actual content on it.

Deleting a page

Only Wiki administrators can delete pages. If you want a page to be deleted, add it to Category:Delete and it will be deleted eventually. It is recommended you try repurposing a page by moving it to a new title.

Images and other files

We suggest searching for files on Wikimedia Commons before uploading them to our wiki.

To upload a file, click Upload file on the sidebar to the left. Upload the file (make sure it is one of the listed permitted file types). Make sure to give the file a comprehendible name in the Destination filename textbox. We prefer that files do not have names that are a garble of random numbers and letters.

If you want to upload a new version of a file, click on the existing file, then click More details. Under File history click Upload a new version of this file. You may have to clear your browser cache to see the updated version of the file.


A template is a page included within another page. Templates have many uses. The most familiar ones may be infoboxes, which are sidebars containing various information.

To see the full code for a template, search for the template's page. For example, the page for the political party infobox is Template:Infobox political party. From this page, you can copy-paste the full code for a template.

If a template is not working, do not edit a template; simply contact a Wiki administrator. If you see a certain template on Wikipedia that you want on this wiki, contact a Wiki administrator.

Page formatting

A comprehensive guide to page formatting can be found here: Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style.

All pages, including page titles, should be in English. Use proper spelling and grammar.

For page headers, you should not be using the largest page headers (= HEADER =) but rather the secondary page headers first (== HEADER ==).