Battle of Adolfo III Land

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Battle of Adolfo III Land
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
BIC Rodrigo.png
The BIC Rodrigo after the battle.
Date29 January 1933
Result Imperial Council victory
Imperial Council gains symbolic control of Adolfo III Land
Creeperopolis Imperial Council Creeperopolis National Council
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis José Figueroa Martí Creeperopolis José Castro Umaña 
Units involved
BIC Rodrigo BNC Carlos
1 patrol ship 1 patrol ship
Casualties and losses
1 patrol ship damaged
12 dead
22 injured
1 patrol ship sunk
44 dead

The Battle of Adolfo III Land (CreeperianIberic: Batalla del Tierra de Adolfo III) was a naval battle which occurred in Adolfo III Land in Tierrasur, the only military conflict to ever occur on the continent.

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