Creeperian Socialist Party

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Creeperian Socialist Party

Partido Socialista Creeperiano
First Prime MinisterÉdgar Cazalla Beldad
Last Prime MinisterJorge Meléndez Ramírez
FoundedFebruary 1, 1888; 136 years ago (1888-02-01)
BannedOctober 4, 1949; 74 years ago (1949-10-04)
Preceded byLiberal Party (not legal predecessor)
HeadquartersSan Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis
Membership (1930)2,100,000
Political positionLeft-Wing to Far-Left
National affiliationPeople's Social Coalition
12 / 100
Party flag
Creeperian Socialist Party.png

The Creeperian Socialist Party, (Creeperian: Partido Socialista Creeperiano) was a political party in the Empire of Creeperopolis that existed from 1887-1949. The party was founded in 1887 following a wave of demand for a Parliament following the authoritarian rule of Adolfo III. Maximiliano II caved into the demands, thus establishing the second Parliament. The PSC was a member of the People's Social Coalition in Parliament.

The party was banned following the Creeperian Civil War in 1949.