Terranilian Armed Forces

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Terranilian Armed Forces
Dolan Chinsesé Teraníles
Terra armed force.png
Emblem of the Terranilian Armed Forces
FoundedDecember 18th, 1890
Service branches
Commander-in-ChiefTerranihil Chairman Draıčren Armǎk
Director of DefenseTerranihil Auwe
Military age18-49
ConscriptionYes (age 18)
Available for
military service
11,890,000 males, age 18–28 (2018),
12,003,000 females, age 18–28 (2018)
Fit for
military service
4,658,000 males, age 18–28 (2018),
5,206,000 females, age 18–28 (2018)
Reaching military
age annually
588,000 males (2018),
581,000 females (2018)
Active personnel410,000 (ranked 14th)
Reserve personnel235,000
Deployed personnel1,000
Budget₵38.9 billion Quebecshirite Credits
₹851.6 billion Terranilian Redens
Percent of GDP3.5% (2018)
Domestic suppliersThetázert
Red Kazgarl
Foreign suppliersLévis Armament
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