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Minaltar on a cloudy day

Okro! Welcome to Terranihil

Flag of Terranihil
Location of Terranihil

Terranihil, (Terranilian: Teraníl), officially the Republic of Terranihil (Terranilian: Freinnortán er Teraníl), is a country on Ecros in Terraconserva, bordering Pavulturilor and Bladium to the south. Occupying 1,449,894 square miles (3,755,210 sq km), it is mostly a dry and mountainous nation with plains and some forests near the coasts and deserts and mountains in the interior. Minaltar is the capital and largest city. The population is nearly 55 million, composed almost entirely of ethnic Terranilians, except for a small Póniepan and Kavardan minority. The country is mostly atheist but has significant Muslim and Christian populations.

Terranihil is a unitary republic consisting of 40 governorates and is the only government that practices Virǎtism, based on the ideology of Žapre Virǎt, the first chairman of the National Progressive Party (PPF). The PPF is the only legal party, exercising complete control over the government and military. The party espouses ethnic Terranilian nationalism and strict atheism.

The eastern shore of Terranihil was once part of the Ayreoshubic Kingdom. The kingdom collapsed about 4000 years ago, causing several tribes to migrate west into unsettled lands and establish small city-states. The city-states remained divided despite sharing a common language, culture and religion, until the spread of Christianity. The Christian Kingdom of Greater Minaltar was founded in 714 AD when many eastern tribes united because of their new Christian faith. Pagans still outnumbered Christians, and in 792, several pagan tribes united into the Kingdom of Hinchivozh. Then in 884, the Avergísian Emirate was established after the spread of Islam. These three countries were at constant hostility, with none of them achieving significant gains against the others until the rise of Emir Ghor. Ghor led the Emirate in conquering Greater Minaltar and Hinchivozh in 1024, establishing the Terranilian Emirate.

Under the Terranilian Emirate, Islam spread to about half the population, while many remained Christian or Pagan. In 1160, the Emirate was overthrown by neopagans, beginning the Kingdom of Terranihil. The new rulers were oppresive to the Muslims and Christians at first, but their harshness dwindled over time. An Age of Knowledge occurred from 1450 to 1650, leading to the spread of new philosophical and political theories. The kingdom was reformed into a constitutional monarchy in 1609. Then the Republic of Terranihil replaced the Kingdom in 1890 after the Terranilian Civil War.

The PPF began its rise to power in the 1920s and gained complete control of the government in the Progressive Revolution in 1941. The party has persecuted Muslims and Christians, whose populations have decreased significantly. Draıčren Armǎk has been serving as the 7th Chairman and 16th President of Terranihil since 2009.

Selected Article
Draıčren Armǎk.png
Draıčren Seidert Armǎk is a Terranilian politician who has been the President of Terranihil and Chairman of the National Progressive Party (NPP) since April 7, 2009. In addition, he is the commander-in-chief of the Terranilian Armed Forces. Born and raised in Tolongen, he attended the University of Tolongen after graduating from high school. He then enlisted in the Terranilian Army for four years. In 1991, he attended to the University of Guršaun to earn his master's degree. He was in the Progressive Youth and officially joined the NPP in 1988 during his military service. He began working with the Department of Internal Security after graduate school. He quickly rose as up the ranks, becoming the Deputy Director of the Department in 1999 and then Director in 2003. In 2009, he deposed Jon Krizhor, the sitting Chairman and President, in the Silent Coup and became the leader of the country. Read more…
Terranihil News
Mikel Therúnk
  • The Mikel Therúnk (pictured), founder of the DFLT, was convicted of several crimes and hung in public. (July 9, 2020)
  • Major renovations are occuring at the Malgan reeducation facilities; some speculate that the alleged systematic killing of the Malgan minority in Terranihil is completed (July 5, 2020)
  • DOSTÉV, Terranilian special forces, and Colonel Zatšer Sral have withdrawn from Lyoa after the end of the Second Lyoan Civil War. (July 4, 2020)
  • Terranilian police siezed about 600 pounds of methamphetamine, about twelve million QBC worth, from the Kortan Yem, or Terranilian mafia. (May 28, 2020)
  • Fazil Sai, the renowned Terranilian composer, released his 23rd recording of original piano music, which topped the charts in Terranihil.