Anti-Islamism in Creeperopolis

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Anti-Islamism is an enforced policy in Creeperopolis. Creeperian Anti-Islamism is an ideology and a political movement against Islam, as a religion and more specifically as it presented itself during the Deltinian Insurgency (2019-present). Organized Anti-Islamism developed during the Creeperian Crusade following the One-Religion Decree being passed by the Caliphate of Deltino in 1231.

Anti-Islamism persisted throughout the Creeperian Crusade and reached its maximum during the Massacre of Almadinat Almuqadasa where 200,000 Deltinian Muslims were massacred.

The Creeperian Government continues to impose Anti-Islamist policies.

The Deltinian Insurgency (2019-present) against the separatist Deltinian Liberation Army is seen as an armed Anti-Islamist struggle in Creeperopolis.

Practicing Islam was made illegal and punishable by death on May 3, 2020.[1]

Many allege a Deltinian Genocide is in the works.[citation needed]


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