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Abortion in Creeperopolis is illegal without any exceptions. Abortion was historically legal during certain points during the Second Parliamentary Era of Creeperian history between 1887 and 1933, however, since the conclusion of the Creeperian Civil War in late-1949 and the formation of the current Creeperian government under the rule of the Creeperian Initiative, abortion has been made illegal without any exceptions.

Current legal status

According to the Constitution of Creeperopolis, abortion is illegal with no exceptions, including rape, incest, or threat to the mother's life. Title VII, Article LV of the Constitution of Creeperopolis states:

The following crimes shall be punished by death: Abortion, Adultery, Aggravated Burglary, Apostasy, Armed Robbery, Assassinating a Government Official, Beastiality, Blasphemy, De-Catholization Denial, Desertion, Drug Smuggling, Espionage, Heresy, Homosexuality, Murder, Owning Slaves, Pedophilia, Practicing Atheism, Practicing Communism, Practicing Islam, Rape, Regicide, Sacrilege, Sedition, Sex Trafficking, Sorcery/Witchcraft, Treason, Waging War on God, and Waging War on the Empire.

— Constitution of Creeperopolis, Title VII, Article LV

The Constitution of Creeperopolis also establishes the formation of human life at the moment of conception, and as murder is a capital crime, as established in Title VII, Article LV, abortion is further made illegal by Title I Article I of the Constitution of Creeperopolis.

The Empire of Creeperopolis recognizes the human person as the origin and the end of the activity of the Empire, which is organized to attain justice, security, and the common good of all people within the Empire. In that same manner, the Fatherland recognizes the human person, every human being, since the moment of conception. In consequence, it is the obligation of the Imperial Government to secure for the inhabitants of the Empire, the enjoyment of liberty, health, culture, economic well-being, safety, and justice. Every person has the right to life, physical and moral integrity, liberty, security, work, property and possession, and to be protected in the conservation and defense of the same. The right to honor, personal and family intimacy, and one’s own image is guaranteed.

— Constitution of Creeperopolis, Title I, Article I

No formal law is in place which mandates what the procedure on how to imprison or execute someone convicted of an abortion related crime, or what exactly an "abortion related crime" is. Generally, "abortion related crimes" include receiving an abortion, funding an abortion, encouraging an abortion, and especially preforming an abortion. The Creeperian government also generally keeps those convicted of abortion related crimes imprisoned until 28 December, when those convicted of abortion related crimes are publicly executed in San Salvador,[note 1] with 28 December being the Creeperian Catholic feast day of the Holy Innocents. Execution methods generally tend to be execution by firing squad or hanging. Children and minors are not exempt from execution, despite their status as a minor. Minors are generally barred from the death penalty, except for in "extreme crimes," which includes abortion. Subsequent laws passed by the General Courts also mandate that individuals who leave Creeperopolis to receive an abortion are still subject to the law and can still be prosecuted for abortion.

Abortion related executions per year

Year Executions +/–
2000 29
2001 26 Positive decrease 3
2002 25 Positive decrease 1
2003 27 Negative increase 2
2004 30 Negative increase 3
2005 28 Positive decrease 2
2006 21 Positive decrease 7
2007 22 Negative increase 1
2008 24 Negative increase 2
2009 24 Steady 0
Year Executions +/–
2010 25 Negative increase 1
2011 26 Negative increase 1
2012 20 Positive decrease 6
2013 23 Negative increase 3
2014 25 Negative increase 2
2015 25 Steady 0
2016 21 Positive decrease 4
2017 22 Negative increase 1
2018 28 Negative increase 6
2019 23 Positive decrease 5
Year Executions +/–
2020 24 Negative increase 1
2021 25 Negative increase 1

Notable executions related to abortion

  • In 2014, a man convicted of preforming an abortion was tortured by "receiving an abortion himself" and later beheaded. The woman who received the abortion was forced to preform the "abortion" and was later beheaded. The official police report stated that the man "received an abortion," however, what exactly that means is unclear.

History of Creeperian abortion law

Continued practices

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  1. Despite TCN Resolution 010 banning public executions, Creeperopolis routinely continues to hold public executions, including executions for abortion related crimes.

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