Battle of the Zapatista River

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Battle of the Zapatista River
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
The War in the Far East- the Burma Campaign 1941-1945 IND3479.jpg
Romerist soldiers in reeds on the banks of the Zapatista River
Date29–30 September 1949

Decisive Imperial Council victory

Imperial Council gains control of all of Creeperopolis
Imperial Council National Council
Commanders and leaders
Romero II
Alfonso Cabañeras Moreno
Máximo Barrueco Morterero
Juan Primavera Sánchez
Jorge Díaz Molina
Miguel Salinas Ortega Surrendered
José Bolívar Aguirre Surrendered
160,000 90,000
Casualties and losses
5,000+ killed
9,000+ wounded
10,500+ killed
12,000+ wounded
25,000+ captured
2,000+ missing

The Battle of the Zapatista River (Creeperian: Batalla del Río Zapatista), also called the Battle of Mapastepec (Creeperian: Batalla de Mapastepec) was the final battle of the Creeperian Civil War.

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