Iberic script

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Iberic script
Romanyan Script
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Official script Creeperopolis
 New Gandor
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Cyrillic Script

The Iberic script is a Alaqan Decedent Script of 26 letters that was originally used for the Iberic language. The script is decedent from the Ayreoshubic Script and evolved becoming different scripts as the South Ayreoshubic Peoples migrated west to modern day Andaluzia. Several variants of the Alphabet exist across the world.

The Iberic sciprt is most commonly used script in world being used by many major languages such as Quebecshirite, Malgish, and Creeperian.


The Romanyan Empire played a crucial role in the initial spread of the script. After the conquest of Savotta and Gandoria in the second century BC the scripts were introduced to these regions which has persisted to this day in Southern Ostlandet and the Sur. The spread also continued up north into Terranihil and Malgax. From Malgax the script entered Quebecshire by 1000 CE. During the Modern Era the script fell out in use in Greater Sacramento after the Blue Flag Revolution though the script was minimally used since the tenth century but the script was spread further by the Quebecshirites (into Gagium and Willdavie) and Creeperans into Lyoa.