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Deltinian Insurgency

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Deltinian Insurgency
Part of the Creeperian Conflicts and the Creeperian-Deltinian Wars
Catatumbo trancazo.png
The Battle of Rushdi.
DateDecember 27, 2019-present
(1 year, 4 months, 1 week and 3 days)
Creeperopolis with spillovers into Sequoyah
Result Ongoing


Supported by:
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870).svg Papal State
 El Salvador

Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Senvar (until 2020)

CNCRflag.png CNCR (until 2020)

Mara Salvatrucha


Oglalasiouxtribeflag.png Navaja

Abbasid banner.svg Deltinian Emirate

Supported by
Flag of Morova.jpg Morova (2020)[1][2][3][4]

Abbasid banner.svg TAAD/ULAD (2020)

Abbasid banner.svg AAA/DPA
Commanders and leaders

Creeperopolis Alexander II
Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Creeperopolis José Guerrero López
Creeperopolis Felipe Cambeiro Cavallería
Creeperopolis Gustavo Leigh Guzmán
Creeperopolis Ramón Illescas Galán  Executed
Creeperopolis César Mendoza Durán

Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Frederick Schuessler IV
CNCRflag.png Schafik Handal López

Alexander Ramírez Umaña  Executed
Román Saavedra Saelices
Ismael Zambada García

Oglalasiouxtribeflag.png Phillipe Warhorse

Abbasid banner.svg Kanaan el-Bashir
Abbasid banner.svg Hasan el-Ahsan
Abbasid banner.svg Awn al-Kamali
DPDMflag.png Fawzi el-Jaber  Executed

Abbasid banner.svg Alawi el-Abdo  Executed

Abbasid banner.svg Husaam el-Farag
1,100,000 (Creeperian figures)
30,000,000 (Deltinian figures)
5,000-12,000 (Creeperian figures)
100,000 (Deltinian figures)
Casualties and losses
2,481 dead (Creeperian figures)
20,000+ dead (Deltinian figures)
10,514+ dead (Creeperian figures)
72,300+ dead (Deltinian figures)
12,995+ (Creeperian figures)
92,300+ dead (Deltinian figures)

The Deltinian Insurgency (Creeperian Spanish: Insurgencia Deltiniano) is an ongoing civil military conflict raging in southern Creeperopolis between the government of Creeperopolis and Deltinian insurgents under the banner of the Emirate of Deltino. The conflict marked for the first time the Creeperian Armed Forces, Senvarian Liberation Front, Militarist Front for National Liberation, and Militarist Nationalist Front ever worked together before the end of the Third Senvarian Insurgency and the Castillianan Insurgency.

Rumors and reports claim that a Deltinian Genocide is in the works and the Deltinian Insurgency is also known for its village burnings.[citation needed]


Battle of Rushdi

The Creeperans and the Senvarians were engaged in war since 1934, back during the Creeperian Civil War. Both sides fought time and time again in the department of Deltino. Both sides ignored the Deltinians and treated them as a 'lesser-race' as the Deltinians persecuted both groups during the days of the Deltinian Caliphate.

The battle broke out between two battalions near the village of Rushdi on December 26, 2019. When fighting began, the villagers of Rushdi began lighting fires and setting roadblocks to give both sides a disadvantage in an attempt to force both sides to disengage. Both sides threatened the villagers with pillaging and mass murder.[citation needed]

By the second day, casualties began to reach 50 on both sides. When the Senvarians began to plan a counter-attack, both sides saw soldiers in all back uniforms emerge the trees around them and they opened fired. Both sides initially fought back but eventually both had to order a retreat.

After the battle, the group called itself the Deltinian Liberation Army. It's leader, General Kanaan el-Bashir, called for all Deltinians across the department to rise up against Senvarian and Creeperian oppression and to join the fight for an independent Deltino. He declared the Emirate of Deltino as an independent nation.

Both the Senvarians and the Creeperans condemned the massacre committed by the DLA and both rejected the legitimacy of such an emirate as it claimed territory claimed by both sides. The Castillianans have not commented on the matter as they have not been dragged into the Deltinians' sights yet. Both the Creeperans and Senvarians suffered heavy casualties, each losing 200 men, 2/5 of each battalion. [5]

Operation Justice

Operation Justice (Creeperian Spanish: Operación Justicia) is the codename for an ongoing military operation conducted by the Creeperian Armed Forces and formerly the Senvarian Liberation Front, Militarist Front for National Liberation, and Militarist Nationalist Front. The primary objective of the operation is to bring an end to the Deltinian Insurgency but the Deltinians claim that the actual goal is to erradicate the Deltinian people off the face of the world in what is being called the Deltinian Genocide.[citation needed]

Burning of Helwan

As the sun rose on Creeperopolis, villagers in the village of Fustat noticed their daily delivery of maseca from Helwai, a neighboring village, never arrived, and that contact couldn't be made. A search party of 10 villagers was sent to investigate.

When the villagers arrived, they smelled a strong, pungent, and irritating odor and saw a yellowish-green mist in the area. Then they saw all 163 villagers dead on the ground. Alarmed, the villagers rushed back to Fustat and travelled to a nearby Creeperian Army outpost. The soldier showed a lack of attention and sent the villagers away. The villagers did notice empty containers reading "Vapor Tóxico" on the ground with the Army troops.[6]

Dishna Massacre

Villagers of Dishna, one of the largest villages in Deltino home to 1,293 inhabitants, saw an army of men dressed in all black approaching on January 18, 2020. They felt relieved to know the Deltinian Liberation Army had come to protect them from Creeperian aggression. However, as the soldiers neared, the villagers realized they weren't DLA, but a death squad, several death squads bearing a red, black, and blue banner. The death squads massacred all 1,202 adult inhabitants of Dishna, male and female. The remaining 91 children were abducted by the death squads. The death squads, which later proclaimed themselves to be the Creeperian Council for Order and Stability (CCOE, now FALANGE), a coalition of ten Creeperian death squads, then burnt down the entire village of Dishna.[7]

The leaders of the group, Generals Francisco Bajamande Rodríguez, Gustavo Duarte Carpio, José Koné Ochelo, and Raúl Lorenzana Méndez, declared their goal and the goal of the CCOE is to spread Creeperian Catholicism south and eradicate Deltinian Islam. The group claimed to have 4,000 members. It is currently known as the Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination (FALANGE).

Battle of Flying Canyon

On April 20, 2020, Navaja warriors and hunters sent hunting parties a mile into Creeperian territory, specifically the department of Deltino along the Creeperian-Sequoyan border. The scouts were in search of furs to sell, likely to Cheyall traders along the Mary River. The Navaja scouts were scared off by warning shots fired by the Deltinian Liberation Army, a jihadist separatist organization fighting the Creeperian government in the Deltinian Insurgency.[8]

Due to the Navaja entering Deltinian Liberation Army held territory, the Deltinian Liberation Army began to launch a 40 man expedition into northern Sequoyah to track down the Navaja hunters to kill all of them. The Deltinian Liberation Army also planned to rape and kill any and all civilians found for violating their religious beliefs and burn all villages. The Deltinian Liberation Army's soldiers were each armed with Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948s and were transported by 2 stolen civilian pickup trucks. They were also armed with 4 Figueroa 918 Tipo-1984s and 2 Figueroa-17 Tipo-1999s.[9]

The area surrounding the northernmost part of the Mary River was populated by several small villages of around 100-1,000 trappers and traders. The hunting party originated in the village of Flying Canyon with a population of around 600 at the northernmost tip of the Mary River, only 30 miles or so south of Deltino. As Navaja scouts began to report the Deltinian Liberation Army trucks approaching the village, 70 warriors were sent to the forests to attack the trucks using hit and run tactics, utilizing tomahawks and throwing spears to do as much damage as possible. They were trained in stealth and hunting.[10]

The Deltinian Liberation Army expedition arrived at a forest covered hill near the village and began to pray that their attack be successful in eliminating the entire population. Four soldiers stood on guard on the side of the hill facing the village, each armed with a Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948. Another soldier was on standby with a Figueroa-17 Tipo-1999 sniper rifle.[11]

While the Deltinians were praying, 10 Navaja warriors approached and hurled 7 tomahawks at the Deltinian Liberation Army soldiers praying. They took cover among rocks surrounding the hill while the remaining 60 warriors took up positions with their spears surrounding the village. One villager took a horse and rode south to the camp of Chief Phillipe Warhorse and warned him of the attack.[12] One of the tomahawks killed a Deltinian kneeling on the ground while two more tomahawks injured two more kneeling, rendering them out of combat capability. The soldiers scattered to grab their weapons while four attempted to save the two injured jihadists. Those on guard near the village began to rush towards the village to kill as many as possible before more soldiers arrive. The sniper attempted to find natives to snipe but can't find any since they are hidden well.[13]

While the Deltinian Liberation Army soldiers on the hill scattered, another round of 10 tomahawks was thrown at the group aimed for those attempting to help the injured. They uttered war cries and emerged from their positions and attempted to charge the hill with their spears. Near the village, 20 of the villagers on guard ran towards the approaching Deltinian Liberation Army soldiers using their spears. The villagers took cover in their huts with the 40 remaining warriors guarding several huts near the center of the village.[14] All but one of the soldiers tending to the wounded were hit, killing 2 more. The one who was not hit entered one of the pickup trucks and abandoned the entire force, effectively stranding half of the group. Six Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948s were abandoned. The soldiers grabbed their weapons and began to attempt to organize around the last remaining pickup truck. The two snipers turned the pickup truck into a technical using the sniper rifles, ready to defend against the natives. The 4 charging the city open fire on the natives. One of the Figueroa 918 Tipo-1984s was launched at the village by a jihadist.[15] The spearmen charging the 4 soldiers attacking the city were largely cut down. The 11 spearmen got their spears and attacked the soldiers near the city with their spears. The RPG round hit a hut in the village, exploding and starting a fire that began to spread through the wooden huts. At the barricaded pickup truck, 10 native warriors began throwing tomahawks at the snipers, taking covered positions in the trees.[16]

The two snipers were incapacitated and killed by the spears as they could not get a scope on the spearmen in time. A soldier entered the pickup and prepared to detonate the VBIED as the natives approached. The soldiers continued to fire into the trees, unable to see most of the natives. Meanwhile, the four charging the village were all injured and surrendered.[17] One warrior is injured by the sniper firing into the trees. The fires spread to two more huts with the inhabitants fleeing. The 10 natives took their spears and rush the truck. Two warriors took the Deltinian Liberation Army prisoners and bound them together under their guard.[18] When the natives got close to the truck, the VBIED was detonated, killing every single Deltinian soldier in the area. The Navaja charging the truck were killed.[19]

In total, 32 Deltinians were killed, 7 Deltinians were taken as prisoners of war, and 1 Deltinian deserted. Most weapons were destroyed in the explosion. The only weapons captured were the 4 Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948s on the 4 surrendered soldiers, the 7 abandoned Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948s with the three wounded survivors, and a damaged Figueroa 918 Tipo-1984 which was thrown away from the explosion. Meanwhile, 38 Warriors were killed, with 11 injured. Another 15 civilians were also killed.[20][21] The captured weapons were brought to Phillipe Warhorse who was outraged by the attacks and demanded that the Deltinian prisoners be crucified on the Deltinian border to ward off any further attacks.

On a small hill only a few yards from the Creeperian-Sequoyah border, Navajo warriors nailed their Deltinian Liberation Army captives to uneven pieces of wood. They hoped to send a signal to the Deltinian Liberation Army to keep them from ever again making an incursion into Navaja territory. The crosses of the men remained under guard by 20 warriors to ensure the Deltinian Liberation Army made no attempt to free them.[22]

Mass Execution of the TAAD (ULAD)

The Creeperian Army announced that the United Liberation Alliance of Deltino was destroyed in an operation on the outskirts of Ciudad Rey Alfonso I. Its leader Alawi el-Abdo and 1,300 of its soldiers were captured and executed by firing squads and buried in a mass grave which was lit on fire. A statement was made that the same fates would be met by the Deltinian Patriotic Alliance and the Deltinian Liberation Army.

Deltinian Genocide

The Deltinian Genocide is an alleged ongoing genocide occuring in Creeperopolis where the Creeperian Armed Forces and the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Antideltiniano – Guerra de Eliminación, FALANGE are erradicating the Deltinian population in the department of Deltino.[citation needed] The genocide is denied by the government but is declared to be true by the Deltinian Liberation Army.[citation needed]

Attempted Interventions

TCN Resolution 004

TCN Security Council Resolution 004, officially called Condemnation of Creeperopolis (004), was discarded by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on January 12, 2020 after it was presented by Morova.

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: The People’s Republic of Morova


  • Noting the dictatorial nature of their nation
  • Appalled by the lack of human rights given to minorities in the nation,


  • Declaring that such actions are immoral and that the council will no longer avow them,
  • Hereby condemns the nation of Creeperopolis.

The resolution failed with a vote of 3 for, 9 against, and 10 abstentions. The resolution was vetoed by Quebecshire.

Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39

Tensions between the nations of Morova and Creeperopolis deteriorated significantly.

The breakdown in relations between the two nations began on January 12, 2020, when the Morovan delegation to the Terraconserva Council of Nations submitted TCN Resolution 004 to the floor to vote.[23] The resolution, titled Condemnation of Creeperopolis (004), called for members of the council to condemn the nation of Creeperopolis for alleged war crimes begin committed against civilians in southern Creeperopolis, notably in the department of Deltino.[24] The Creeperian delegation refuted the points[25] and the resolution was eventually vetoed by Quebecshire.[26] The next day, January 13, 2020, the Creeperian delegation introduced their own resolution, TCN Resolution 005. The resolution, titled Instatement of a Naval Blockade on the People's Republic of Morova (005), called for all members of the countil to impose a blockade on the nation of Morova for wishing to send funds and weapons to the Deltinian Liberation Army in violation of TCN Resolution 003, Ban on the International Sale of Weapons to Morova (003).[27][28][29][30][31] The vote passed with 10 voting in favor, with only one abstention[32] and one rejection.[33] Following the vote, Creeperopolis, Greater Sacramento, New Gandor, and Paleocacher began the Armas Blockade against Morova.[34][35][36]

Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 originated in Kieva, Morova, at Kieva International Airport.[37]

The flight flew over the Western Landmass, the Andaluzian Sea, and the Janub Sea[38] on its way to its final destination.

Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 began to enter Creeperian airspace over the Creeperian client of El Salvador. Two Creeperian MB-23's were scrambled to intercept the flight. and the flight was ordered by military air traffic control to divert away from Creeperopolis or be shot down. MAC 39 refused. The plane was ordered again to divert away. The flight again refused. When the fighters took positions behind the flight it was ordered for a last time to divert. After ignoring the order and it began to pull up to gain altitude, the MB-23's were ordered to shoot down the plane.

The plane was struck by two air to air missiles at 7:22pm (SST) over El Salvador. The missiles struck the right wing and the horizontal stabilizer. The plane broke up twenty seconds later and was engulfed in flames. All 38 Morovans on board were killed.[39]

The plane was a Hughes H-4 Hercules operated by Morovan Airlines Cargo.

Nation Number
Morova[40] 38
Total 38

There were 38 occupants on board Flight 39.[41] All occupants were Morovans.

The Morovans claim all the occupants were civilian expeditionaries wishing to explore lands south of Creeperopolis in the country of Sequoyah.[42][43]

The Creeperian National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), on the other hand, claims all occupants were soldiers wishing to help aid the Deltinian Liberation Army kill innocent civilians in Creeperopolis.[44]

The Creeperian National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) declared it would open an investigation into the flight and that foreign investigators were prohibited from entering the country. A statement released from the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) and Creeperian Armed Forces (FAC) following the shootdown:

The Creeperian government had every right to shoot down a plane with the sole mission of aiding the terrorists in southern Creeperopolis. The very day before Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 took off, the Deltinian Liberation Army made a cry to the People's Republic of Morova begging for aid and assistance to commit their crimes against humanity against the Creeperian people.

The Creeperian government and armed forces have every right to shoot down any plane wishing to send aid to a terrorist organization which openly calls for the deaths of millions of innocent people.

It is sad that the Morovan government would wish to fund terrorist organizations and that the TCN does nothing about it, even abandoning its blockade, which is still in effect. Who is in the wrong here? Morovans wanting to fund terrorism, or the Creeperans seeking to end it?

The Morovan People's Press broke the news of the shootdown of Flight 39 to the Morovan public. Angry demonstrations took place near the positions of Creeperian aid tents. Rocks, bottles, and books were thrown at Creeperian humanitarian workers.[46]

"We are shocked and appalled by the actions of Creeperopolis towards our plane. This was a peaceful force hoping to explore areas south of Creeperopolis. Other nations can enjoy comfort and security in their international travel, but Morova has been targeted by a vicious nation that stands contrary to our values of personal liberty and free thought. Creeperopolis must immediately order the end of their blockade, or defensive actions will be taken to secure our shores and avenge this vicious crime."

The New Gandorian Travel Authority has issued a travel warning. It is advised not to travel to Creeperopolis or Morova until tensions have calmed down between the two nations. People are still allowed to travel to these countries but at their own risk.[48]

The government of Lyoa promised to have troops protecting aid encampments guard Creeperian aid agencies in Kieva International Airport. Lyoan troops informed demonstrators that force will be used if violence against the Lyoa National Defense Force increases.[49]

The Sacramentian government has called for a Morovan-Creeperian-Gandorian summit to be held in Asr El Ziqara to resolve issues between the three nations following the shootdown.[50]

TCN Resolutions 006 and 009

TCN Security Council Resolution 006, officially called A Resolution to Launch an Investigation Into Creeperopolis (006), was adopted by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on January 14, 2020.

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: The Islamic Republic of Greater Sacramento, The Greater Republic of New Gandor, The Republic of Paleocacher, and the United Republic of Eminople


  • Concerned, that The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis could be committing war crimes
  • Concerned, that if The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis is not commiting war crimes then TCN resolutions with false claims will continue to be brought up


  • Launches, an investigation into the The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis under the TCN
  • Hereby, declares the above as law of the Terraconserva Council of Nations.

The resolution passed with a vote of 10 for, 4 against, and 6 abstentions. No action was ever taken however.

TCN General Assembly Resolution 009, officially called Repeal of TCN Resolution 006 - A Resolution to Launch an Investigation Into Creeperopolis (009), was adopted by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on March 28, 2020.

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: The Republic of Lyoa and the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis


  • Seeing how absolutely nothing has been done following the passage of the bill.
  • Noting how the resolution itself presented no solid evidence, basing itself solely upon allegations.
  • Further noting that said allegations have been brought up only by nations hostile to Creeperopolis.


The resolution passed with a vote of 10 for, six against, and seven abstentions, and repealed TCN Resolution 006.

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