Anti-Creeperian sentiment

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Anti-Creeperian sentiment involves sentiments such as hatred against Creeperopolis, its people, its diaspora, or its culture. It often targets Creeperans living outside of Creeperopolis and involves immigration, disparity of wealth, majority-minority relations, discrimination, racism, and the legacy of Creeperian colonialism.


Regional antipathy

Within Creeperopolis

Atlántidan departments

Castillianan departments


San Carlos Islands

Senvar and Sonsatepan





Derogatory terms

  • Creep – Racist and classist slur common in Rakeo starting in 1890, and falling out of usage in the 1970s. Originally used as an abbreviation to describe someone’s ethnicity, it became associated with poor migrant workers in both factory and agricultural settings. Nativist groups used it as a derogatory term, and the word quickly lost any semblance of politeness. As Creeperian migration stopped during and after the Rakeoian Civil War, the number of foreign born Creeperans fell dramatically- While some tried to apply it more broadly to people of Creeperian descent, the word had become too synonymous with migrant laborers specifically to see continued mainstream use.
  • Creeperianx – Ecrosian gender-neutral neologism sometimes used to identify Creeperans which is seen as an attempt to bring awareness and acceptance to non-binary and genderqueer individuals in Creeperopolis. The Imperial Academy of the Creeperian Language has denounced the term and officially recognizes it as a racial slur.

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