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United Socialist State of Zloveshchiy

Flag of Zloveshchiy
of Zloveshchiy
Coat of arms
Motto: A country is nothing without a little wickedness
"The Pride of Zloveshchiy"

Official languagesVechiy
Recognised national languagesChiyian
Ethnic groups
93% Zloveshchiyan
3% Khoroshchiyian
4% Upavshiyian      
89% Christian
5% Atheist
6% Other
GovernmentUnitary Socialist Republic
• Supreme President
Alexei Volkov
• Chancellor
Dimitri Semenov
LegislatureCongress of Comrades (Zloveshchiy)
The Senate of Zloveshchiy
Chamber of Mir
120 BC
580 AD
• Estimate
98 Million
CurrencyDengi (DNI)
Time zoneZST
Driving sideright
Calling code+59

Zloveshchiy , officially known as the United Socialist States of Zloveshchiy , is a south eastern country in Ostlandet with a population of 98 million people, that was founded in 1942 by Zheleznyy Kulak and the Velichiyeian Communist Party, now known as the Zloveshchiyian Communist Party, after the Collapse of Velichiye and was one of the Three States in the War of The Three States that started in 1948, and reunited the country in 1987.

Zloveshchiy borders Gjorka and the Almanople Ocean to the south and Reia to the north.

The Government of Zloveshchiy is Socialist, and Totalitarian.

Democratic elections is not held in Zloveshchiy due to government decisions, ideology, and state.

Male citizens under the age of 60 are required to join the military for 2 years of training, and 5 years of service.

Male citizens with disabilities or too weak to join however are left alone from mandatory military service.

The Party in control of the nation is the Zloveshchiyan Communist Party (ZCP) formed by Zheleznyy Kulak in 1937.

Zloveshchiy is a part of an Organization called the International Communist Union (ICU) with Ajakanistan


Ancient History

The first civilization founded in Zloveshchiy was the Kingdom of Lyudi around 120 BC to 20 BC. There isn't much known about The Kingdom of Lyudi but it is said that Lyudi was a prosperous and peaceful Kingdom. But they did participate in some conflicts at the time. The only records of them were written by the scholars of Lyudi and the ruins containing scripture of Lyudi found in Zloveshchiy.

The Kingdom of Pokoryat

The Kingdom of Pokoryat was formed after the death of the Lyudiyan king, Alek Yahontov. His son, Igor Yahontov, succeeded the throne after his death, and formed the Kingdom of Pokoryat. The Kingdom of Pokoryat was prosperous under Igor Yahontov's rule, but he was not as peaceful as his father. Igor Yahontov declared war on his neighboring countries, conquered them and assimilated them.

Alek Yahontov and the people of Pokoryat believed in a religion called Kehvism. But Igor didn't believed in the ways of Kehvism and sought out a new religion for his Kingdom, Christianity, in 382 AD.

Igor Yahontov declared that Christianity becomes the new Religion for Pokoryat to his people. And taught them the ways of Christianity.

The Kingdom of Soyuz

The Kingdom of Soyuz was formed after an Alliance between the Kingdom of Pokoryat and the Kingdom of Mir, and the union between the two Kingdoms in 478 AD.

The King of Soyuz was named Aloyoshenka Zakharov. He was a great and honorable ruler who led the people of Soyuz to war against the Kingdom of Nebesa in 503 AD.

The Kingdom of Soyuz was a prosperous Kingdom that believed in Christianity and Judaism due to the merging of the different cultures and beliefs of the Kingdom of Pokoryat and the Kingdom of Mir after the Union.

The Foundation of The Kingdom of Bozh'ya Volya and The Kingdom of Bozh'ya Vera

Although the Kingdom of Soyuz was prosperous under King Aloyoshenka Zakharov's rule, that doesn't mean it didn't have internal conflicts within the Kingdom. Records show that the Kingdom of Soyuz had conflicts caused by religious disputes between Christianity and Judaism, and was becoming more and more worrisome in the following years.

In 523 AD, Aloyoshenka Zakharov sent troops to resolve a fighting between the two Religious groups in Mirotvorets, a city built in honor of the Union between the Kingdom of Pokoryat and the Kingdom of Mir that still remains to this day, and was the capital of Soyuz.

In 556 AD, Aloyoshenka Zakharov passed away, with his son, Aloysha Zakharov ascending to the throne. his first action as King was to appeal to the religious groups of Christianity and Judaism, hoping that conflict does not escalate between the two groups.

In 578 AD, relations between the two groups worsened, and Aloysha was worried that he could not be able to resolve the conflict between them. At this point of time, stability within the Kingdom of Soyuz was worsening due to the incompetency of Aloysha rule, and the conflicts between Christianity and Judaism. Fighting between them were getting worse and worse according to the current records, with some being depicted as brutal.

In 580 AD, stability worsened to the point where Kingdom of Soyuz was split into three separate Kingdoms due to revolts caused by the religious groups, and the Kingdom of Bozh'ya Volya was then founded by the Christians, while the Kingdom of Bozh'ya Vera was founded by the Jewish, with the Kingdom of Soyuz weakened by the split. It is from this point of time where the Great Christian-Jewish War started, and one that will decide the fate of the Kingdoms in the following years.