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Constitutional Tsardom of Ajakanistan

Конституционное царство Аджаканистана
Motto: Слава Аджаканистану! Слава героям!
"Glory to Ajakanistan! Glory to the heroes!"

Map of Ajakanistan.png
Official languagesSlavic
Recognised regional languagesGerivian , Cherzian, Valskar , Khoroshiyan Slavic
Ethnic groups
86% Ajaks
6% Cherzians
4% Gerivians
3% Valskars
1% other
53% Atheist
41% Christianity
4% Kehvism
3% other
Demonym(s)Ajaki , Ajak
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy under partial occupation
• Tsar
Vladimir V
Aleksi Norvay
LegislatureNational Parliament
States Congress
Federal Assembly
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• Estimate
94 million (8th)
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Total
1,362,473,900,000 (22)
• Per capita
₵14479 (22)
CurrencyAjaki ruble (AJR)
Driving sideright

Ajakanistan (Slavic: Аджаканистан), officialy the Constitutional Tsardom of Ajakanistan (Slavic: Конституционное царство Аджаканистана : transliterated Konstitutsionnoye tsarstvo Adzhakanistana), is a country in southern Ostlandet with a population of about 94 million people. and its capital city is Zheleboksarsk with other major urban areas include , Toboshi , Novoskach and Vladimirgrad. Ajakanistan borders Gjorka to the east, New Gandor to the south Akhmola , Verquon, Uulgadzar to the north and to the west by the Ilyaov Sea in the Southern Ocean.Ajakanistan is currently under occupation by Paleocacher ,Gjorka and New Gandor,with the Ajaki government having marginal autonomy. Ajakanistan is a member of the Ostlandet Union.

Historically has Ajakanistan been under the communist rule of the Ajaki People's Party, which ruled from the end of the Ajaki Civil War to its surrendor in the OU military intervention. Ajakanistan was also in an Alliance called the International Communist Union (ICU) with Zloveshchiy . the national animal of Ajakanistan is the White-tailed eagle.


Pre History

Ancient History

The first civilization in Ajakanistan were the Ayak Kingdom around B.C 32 - 400 A.D . there isn't much known about the Ayak Kingdom, however, it is known that they immigrated and conquered their neighbors' lands and that those neighbors wrote about them.

Grand Duchy of Vostrok

The Vostrok Grand Duchy was formed after the Ayaks conquered the Vissil Federation in 400 A.D. the Vostrokians believed in the Sun god of Kehv (Kehvism).In 650 A.D the King of Vostrok Dmitri I was replaced by his brother Vladimir Korolev in a coup.He raised taxes on the rich to build a cathedral in the Captial of Bolshoy Vostrok in modern day Drev. Dmitri in exile and the Vostroki nobility decided to form an alliance to remove Vladimir from power. they stormed the kings temple and murdered Vladimir and Eribi took control again. in 695 the Vostrok Duchy invaded a neighboring nation called the Domi Republic. The Domians called their ally the Karar Confedration starting the Domi war. the Vostrokians had a smaller army compared to the Karar Domi alliance. The Domian generals were confident in their armies strenght and believed that they could easily win the war. Dmitri splited his army in half and made them attack the domian army from two fronts.The Domian Army with a low moral and bad commanding from generals were defeated in the battle of mount Zheleznaya. with the domi army being crushed Dmitri Pushed into core Dominnan land and quickly manly becous of the wide use of horses in the Vostrok Army. In only a mere 7 days they annexed the dominian Republic. Dmitri ordered that General Viktor Rikt to retreat to meet upp with the army Dmitri was commanding to make a larger unit that could beat the Kararians. when the Kararians commanders saw Viktors army retreating they pushed forward att them. the Kararians were defeated by the much larger army of dmitri. On march 15 695 Vostrok annexed the Domians and Kararians.

Gerivian-Vostrok War

In 713 A.D the Kingdom of Gerivia seeing the Vostrok annexing near by states decided to make a coalition of small city states and tribes and declared war att the Vostrok Duchy. The Gerivian Coalition had it strenghts in speed, they used horse division to invade the Vostrokian lands quickly. they invaded and blundered untill they meet the Vostrokian Army. they were pushed back to the gav river. when the eastern division came to the front line they with the Vostrokian Army crushed the gerivian coalition army all the way back to gerivia. The Zhelesian Duke Jak Vladivmirch joined the war on the side of the Vostroks and invaded big chunks of gerivia and tobosk. the gerivians surrendered in 716.

Coalition war

Jak Vladivmirch commanding durring the siege of Bolshoy Vostrok

After the Gerivian Vostrok war the Zheles duchy had gained a lot of influence and started becoming dangerous to the other states. In 724 the Vostrok Duchy and the Gerivian Kingdom made a coalition to bring down the Zhelesian Duchy. On August 3rd 724 the Vostrok army attacked fort Baksburg and was pushed back by the Zhelesian knights. the Duke of Zhelesbosarsk Jak Vladivmirch quickly pushed forward into the coalitions front forcing them to retreat back. The Cause of how the Zhelesians could defeat the coalition line so easily is because of the light weight uniforms and the use of Horses in the Zhelesian Army. On november 5 the Zhelesians realizing that the ajaki winter would come soon and would halt a invasion so they decided to retreat to the town of Novos in modern day Novoskach. They made the villagers living in the town make uniforms specialized for the winter for the army. When the Winter came many of the coalition troops died from the cold and harsh ajaki winter. the Zhelesians invaded all the way to the Vostrokian Captial and burnt it down to the ground. The Zhelesian Duchy made the Coalition forces agree to a peace deal were they would agree to submit to the Zhelesian Monarch which would be the Head of the Holy Ajaki Confedration founded in 725.

Holy Ajaki Confedration

The Holy Ajaki Confedration was a Coalition of mostly autonamouse Kingdoms and Duchies in Ajakanistan all swearing to be loyal to the Zhelesian Monarchy.

Kingdom of Ajakanistan

The Kingdom of Ajakanistan was officialy formed in 900 A.D



War with Creeperopolis

A depiction of the Massacre of Desayuno during Kulakov's War.

In 1821, a lot of Ajaks immigrated to the San Carlos Islands for a better life. the Ajaks experiencing harassment and discrimination from the islands' Creeperans and Natizos who did not see them as equals as they had looked visually different, limited knowledge of the Creeperian language, and adhered to the Kehvistic religion instead of Creeperian Catholicism. by 1834 the news of discrimination of the San carlos Ajaks returned to the Kingdom of Ajakanistan and in 1835, Tsar Vladimir IV made a demand to Gutiérrez Rubalcava, demanding that he respects the rights of the Ajakis in the San Carlos Islands and to end the discrimination which they were suffering. But Gutiérrez did not listen to Vladimir. in late 1835 Vladimir sent a fleet of 19 warships and 5,000 men under the command of Fleet Admiral Dimitri Kulakov to make creeperopolis respect the Ajaks in san carlos by force.however, just before the fleet left, the plan changed to a conquest of the Pescante municipality of the islands from Creeperian control, as the islands were very close to Ajakanistan and the Creeperans were seen as a potential future threat.

On 17 January 1836, Kulakov attacked the settlement of Desayuno in Pescante. News quickly reached Cena, the municipality's capital, which eventually reached Cámarillo. Gutiérrez Rubalcava raised 25 warships and 10,000 men and sailed to Desayuno to engage the Ajakis. The Ajakis were unable to land in or near Desayuno because of heavy resistance from the 500-strong military garrison in the city and the 1,500 inhabitants which took up arms against the Ajakis. Only two warships were able to land men, but many were captured or killed by the Creeperans, including Vice Admiral Natasha Yrken, and both warships were eventually sunk. On 31 January 1836, Gutiérrez Rubalcava arrived with his fleet and managed to force the Ajakis to retreat after sinking 3 more warships, concluding the battle in a Creeperian victory. After the battle, Creeperans and Natizos massacred around 2,200 Ajakis in Desayuno between February and May 1837. It was the largest massacre against a specific race of the people in the San Carlos Islands since the massacres committed during the Great Revolt of Esclaveta.

Gutiérrez Rubalcava sent a message to Vladimir IV to concede defeat and to sign a peace treaty in Cámarillo, however, he refused, and in October 1836, sent another invasion fleet under Kulakov. Kulakov's fleet arrived on 18 December 1836, but as the Creeperans remained stationed at Desayuno, the ensuing battle ended in a decisive Creeperian victory. In both battles the Creeperans only lost four warships, compared to the Ajakis' thirteen lost warships. On 16 July 1837, an Ajaki delegation arrived in Cámarillo and signed the Treaty of Cámarillo, ending Kulakov's War. As a part of the treaty, all Ajakis remaining in the San Carlos Islands were forced to leave and return to Ajakanistan. For his defense of the islands, Gutiérrez Rubalcava was awarded the Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of Miguel the Great by Adolfo III in 1839.

Ajaki revolution

Revolutionary units marching forward too fort Natasha

After loosing against Creeperopolis Ajakanistans economy crashed and Vladimir forced a huge tax on the people. In late 1841 a group of Farmers, Liberals and Former soldiers led by Sergey Ruvin started a militia to bring down the King. In August Sergey attacked Fort Natasha officially starting the Ajaki civil war. The Troops in the fort were low on moral and were poorly payed so they decided to join Sergey. They sung patriotic songs while marching forward to Adler's division, the peasants were inspired by the Soldiers singing about Peace, Land, and Bread and joined them. Sergey split his army in two and marched straight to Adler's army. Adler saw Sergey's weak and small looking army and attacked. the second army ran from the bushes and attacked Adler. they forced him to retreat over the Gav river. Sergey sent Zhdan kukvich to ride around Adlers army by horse and go recruit people. Zhdan Recruited a force of 3000 men. Sergey forced Adler too choose to surrender or die. He Surrendered and was shoot, his army joined Sergey. More and more peasant rose up. Sergey marched to the capital of Zhelesboksarks. Zhdan, Sergey and a group of revolutionary peasants surrounded the Kings castle. Vladimir sent his guards to attack the Peasant army. Sergey forced his army to run at the guards. The guards were outnumbered and defeated. Sergey sieged the castle. They forced Vladimir to give rights to the people and to give the power to the people and starting the Constitutional Kingdom of Ajakanistan. Vladimir was now only a figure head. Sergey Ruvin won the first election of Ajakanistan in February 14th of 1843.

Constitutional Era

See also : 1843 Ajaki federal election

Monarchist Coup of 1881

Nicholas II Regime

Nicholas II was coronated att 4 July 1883 after the death of his father Vladimir IV. In the first years of his Tsardom he implemented reforms on trade and commerce that were seen as radical and destructive to the already crumbling economy of Ajakanistan. He formed a secret Police called the Imperial Security Guard (Slavic: Имперская охрана ,Imperskaya okhrana) known as the Okhrana. The Okhrana was tasked with Protecting Ajakanistan from Anti-Clerical views and to crack down on the underground Republican movement, which was mainly unsuccessful. Many of the Clergy, Oligarchy and Military started to view the tsars rule unfavorably , pointing to his mental health and inability to hinder the ever growing unrest.

Ajaki Civil War

Main article : Ajaki Civil War

The Ajaki Winter war started in 4 january 1900 by Leonid Petrov declaring a communist rebel goverment. Ajakanistan broke into three breakaway goverments , the Imperialist Goverment in the north West, the Republican Goverment in the south west and the Ajaki Soviet Socialist Republic to the east. The War in the start was going good for the monarchists, they had taken several forts and were pushing fast through the line, untill the Ajaki Republicans agreed to join the Communists. so the monarchists had to fight two conected army with high moral compared to the Imperial troops being un motivated and morale being extrimely low. they sent troops from the eastern front away to the southern front which made the eastern front weaker and easier to push through. the real changing point in the war was in 1903 were the commies tricked the monarchists to fall back by spreading the army out to make it bigger than it actually was. The Red army troops managed to beat back the royalists all the way back to Zhelesboksarsk. they captured Zhelesboksarks in 26 march 1904 ending the war. Nicholas was captured and later executed by red army troops on the 28 march. Most of the Members of the Ajaki Royal Family fleed to Velichiy including the younger brother of Nicholas. but some of the Royal family and nobility fleeing to other countries. Leonid Petrov took over ajakanistan and officially declared the Communist States of Ajakanistan.

Leonid Petrov talking to the people of Zhelesboksarsk after the Communists won the war



Second Ajaki Civil War

Main article : Second Ajaki Civil War

The Ajaki–Reykani War caused Ajakanistans economy to go into turmoil due to the sanctions put upon it by a number of countries. The Karushev regime became extremely unpopulare amongsts the populace and inner circle in Ajakanistan. General Strelkov Vasil a high ranking member of the Ajak Army and underground nationalist figure gained huge amounts of influence in the military and the secret police. On august 3 1966 he executed a military coup which lead Ajakanistan to split into two states, The north west being controlled by the new Fascist government and the east being controlled by the remaining communist regime.

the Grey Deppression

After the Second Ajaki Civil War ended the experienced diplomat Alexander Natavich was sworn in as Supreme Leader. The government that came after became extremely agressive against any sign of dissloyality and was unpopular by most of the people, and later even the military. It also was also characterized by its more sympathic view of capitalism and Democracy.




River Map of Ajakanistan




Ajakanistan has a population of 94 million people.

Ethnic groups

Ajaks is the biggest ethnic groups followed by Cherzians , Gerivians and Valskarians.

Ethnic Groups in Ajakanistan
Ethnic Groups Proportion
Ethnic Map of Ajakanistan.png


Largest cities


Religions in Ajakanistan



Date Lyoan name Local name Observance
1 January New Year's Day Новый год The first day of the year and the day after New Year's Eve.
4 January Revolution Day День революции Honoring the soliders who died in the Ajaki Civil.
8 March International Womens day Международный женский день, (Восьмое марта Vosmoe marta) An official holiday marking women's liberation movement.
26 March Victory Day День Победы End of the Ajaki Civil War and the formation of the Communist States of Ajakanistan. (National regocnizion has been removed since 13 march 2023)
March/April Easter Пасхальный Unoffical Holiday celebrated by Christians in Ajakanistan.
9 April Petrov Day Петров день Day of Honoring Leonid Petrov the first Supreme Leader of Ajakanistan and His Death.
15 April Formation Day of the ICU День образования Международного коммунистического союза Day of celebration of the formation of the ICU.
28 April Veterans Day День ветеранов A day to celebrate the Veterans of all wars involving Ajakanistan.
1 May International Workers’ Day Международный день трудящихся Celebration of the struggle of Workers all around the world.
12 June APP Day День НПА The Formation of the Ajaki People's Party
21 August Oil Day Veteran Day День ветеранов нефтяной войны Honoring Veterans who fought in the Reykani-Ajaki War (known as the Oil War) in the late 50s and early 60s.
Last Sunday of November Mothers day День матери A day to celebrate motherhood.
25 December Christmas Day Рождество Христово December 25 is marked as the traditional date of birth of Jesús Cristo in Catholic tradition.

Art and architecture


Goverment and Politics

Political divisions

Ajakanistan is divided into 15 regions with the regions divided into 4 subdivision types.

Federal Subjects of Ajakanistan.png
Federal subjects Governance
  8 States
States have Governors and legislatures with Members chosen by the Government.
Autonomous States are nominally autonomous and are home to a specific minority and languege with the head of state being the Administritive President. Autonomous States have legislative elections every 4 years.
Special Administritive States have a small indigenous minority in the region they reside in.
Cities with a major population with their own legislatures and ministers.


Ajaki Soldiers

The Armed Forces is divided into the Ground Forces, Navy , Air Force and the Coast Guard. as of 2022 the Military has about a million active duty personal and 2 million in reserve. Its mandatory for every Citizen between the age of 18-21 to serve attleast 5 years in service with a one year break after the first year of service. Citizens with health problems or are too weak to serve the army are excluded from the mandatory service. Although they are able to serve in jobs that dont require physical strenght like attorneys, doctors and nurses. After finnishing your military service you can either become a reserve or you could request to join the Special Operation Forces if you are physically fit enough for it. The Army has the right to draft you into the army in times of war even if you have retired.

Foreign relations

Ajakanistan is fairly isolated on the international stage except for being a member of the ICU with Zloveshchiy.


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Human rights and corruption

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