1887 Creeperian general election

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1887 Creeperian general election

19 December 1887 1892 →

All 100 seats of the Parliament
51 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
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Leader Inhué Ordóñez Yepes Macos Espiga Mina Francisco Dueñas Díaz
Party National Liberal National Conservative Catholic Royalist
Leader's seat San Miguel del Sur Aguilares Ciudad La'Unión
Seats won 56 34 10
Seat change Increase 56 Increase 34 Increase 10
Popular vote 44,205 25,303 8,932
Percentage 54.93% 31.44% 11.10%

Elected Prime Minister

Inhué Ordóñez Yepes
National Liberal Party

A general election was held in Creeperopolis for the first time since 1770 on 19 December 1887 with voters electing a Prime Minister. The election returned Creeperopolis to a constitutional monarchy. The elections were rushed and had an extremely low turnout. Protests and riots erupted in Creeperopolis over the following year against the new parliamentary government.


I Parliament of Creeperopolis (elected).svg
National Liberal Party44,20554.9356New
National Conservative Party25,30331.4434New
Catholic Royalist Party8,93211.1010New
Source: Supreme Electoral Court

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