Miguel I of Creeperopolis

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Miguel I
King of the Creeperans
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5th King of Creeperopolis
Reign13 January 1301 – 27 April 1365
Coronation15 September 1301
PredecessorManuel I
SuccessorAdolfo I
Born2 March 1288
Salvador, Salvador, Creeperopolis
Died27 April 1365(1365-04-27) (aged 77)
Turriarados, Helam, Creeperopolis
Burial10 May 1365
ConsortIsabela Arshad Mustansir
Adolfo I
HouseHouse of Martínez
FatherManuel I
MotherMaría Gutiérrez Carpio
ReligionCreeperian Catholicism

Miguel I of Creeperopolis (2 March 1288 – 27 April 1365) was the fifth King of the Creeperans from 13 January 1301 until his death on 27 April 1365. He lead Creeperopolis during the final years of the Creeperian Crusade and brought and end to the Caliphate of Deltino at the Siege of Almadinat Almuqadasa in 1326. He destroyed the Deltinian rump states in 1345, ending the Creeperian Crusade.

He is commonly known as Miguel the Great.

His feast day is 13 June.