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Political map of Terraconserva.
Terraconserva is a planet located in its solar system. Terraconserva is home to humans and many languages, as well as a loose governing body called the Terraconserva Council of Nations with its headquarters being located in Bostonia. The largest city in Terraconserva is San Salvador, followed by Quebecshire City. Abrahamic religions dominate the world, however, Atheism makes up a large portion of the world's religious makeup alongside Paganism. The first civilization in Terraconserva was the Ayreoshubic Kingdom which rose around 3500BC and collapsed around 2000BC. Its territory is now controlled by Terranihil, Jackson, and Quebecshire. Today, Ayreoshubic influence can be seen all around the world with almost every nation having speakers that speak an Ayreoshubic Language

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Události na náměstí Tian an men, Čína 1989, foto Jiří Tondl.jpg
The 1978 Jingtianmen Square protests and massacre, known in Monsilva as the Fourth of June Incident (Monsilvan: 六四事件; pinyin: liùsì shìjiàn), were student-led demonstrations supported by the Monsilvan Revolutionary Army (MRA) held in Jingtianmen Square, Amking, lasting from 15 April 1978 until the massacre on 4 June of the same year. On the night of 3 June, after several weeks of attempts by the government of the Kingdom of Monsilva to resolve the conflict peacefully, which included negotiations initiated by both sides, the government declared a city emergency and deployed troops to occupy the square, eliminating any demonstrators or rioters that attempted to stop them. This occupation is often referred to as the Jingtianmen Square massacre. The events of the protests, including the massacre, are often considered some of the most important during the Monsilvan Revolution and are the most significant and largest protests that took place during the nationwide demonstrations that had begun in February 1978. Read more...
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Czar Bezat IV of Saratov

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A map of the Viceroyalty of Susla and its municipalities.
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