Flag of El Salvador

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El Salvador
Flag of El Salvador
UseState flag National flag
  • 16 July 1937
  • 16 July 1954 (current proportion)
  • 16 July 1970 (current usage)
Civil flag of El Salvador
Variant flag of El Salvador
UseCivil flag National flag
Adopted11 November 1956

The Flag of El Salvador consists of a a horizontal tricolor of black, white, and black, with the coat of arms in the center.


Adopted date Flag
1680 Flag of Andorra (1806–1866).svg
1858 El Salvador 1858.png
2 July 1905 El Salvador 1905.png
15 October 1920 El Salvador 1920.png
4 January 1933 Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858).svg
16 July 1935 Flag of Creeperopolis (1778–1833, 1933).jpeg
16 July 1937 El Salvador 1937.png
16 July 1954 Flag of El Salvador.jpeg
23 June 1956 Revolutionary Salvadoran Flag.png
11 November 1956 El Salvador civil flag.jpeg
16 July 1970 Flag of El Salvador.jpeg

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