1932 Creeperian general election

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1932 Creeperian general election

← 1927 1 October 1932

All 245 seats of the National Parliament
123 seats needed for a majority
Turnout79.36% (Increase 0.40 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Manuel Enrique Araujo 01.jpg
Rolando Alexander Rubio y Noboa (1930).jpg
Leader Antonio Sáenz Heredia Jorge Meléndez Ramírez Rolando Rubio Noboa
Party Catholic Royalist Socialist Social Communist
Alliance CCC CSP CSP
Leader's seat Ciudad San Romero Serrada del Sur Mirandés
Last election 112 100 9
Seats won 113 102 10
Seat change Increase 1 Increase 2 Increase 1
Popular vote 20,448,303 19,753,202 2,845,895
Percentage 41.44% 40.04% 5.77%
Swing Increase 0.85% Increase 2.74% Increase 2.53%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Alfonso Quiñónez Molina 1915.jpg
62 Jorge Melendez.jpg
Leader Alfonso Quiñónez Molina Máximo Illescas Freixa Carlos Hernández Videla
Party National Liberal National Conservative Pro-Fatherland Front
Alliance CSP CCC CCC
Leader's seat Zaragoza Ciudad La'Libertad La'Copero
Last election 11 7 1
Seats won 9 8 2
Seat change Decrease 2 Increase 1 Increase 1
Popular vote 2,882,022 2,803,438 244,382
Percentage 5.84% 5.68% 0.50%
Swing Decrease 3.48% Decrease 1.33% Increase 0.22%

Prime Minister before election

Jorge Meléndez Ramírez
Creeperian Socialist Party

Prime Minister after election

Antonio Sáenz Heredia
Catholic Royalist Party

General elections were held in Creeperopolis on 1 October 1932 with voters electing all 245 members of the National Parliament. The 1932 election remains the final election held in Creeperian history as all democratic activities were suspended in 1933 due to the outbreak of the Creeperian Civil War and elections were formally abolished the civil war's conclusion in 1949.

The election occurred concurrently with municipal elections and occurred one year after gubernatorial elections.

Political background

IX Parliament

Political instability

Social unrest

Electoral system

Election procedure

Registered voters


Political parties

Party Ideology Political position Leader
PRC Catholic Royalist Party
Partido Real Católico
National Catholicism Right-wing Antonio Sáenz Heredia
PCC Creeperian Centrist Party
Partido Centro Creeperiano
Centrism Center Andrés Murillo Gómez
FPPC Creeperian Pro-Fatherland Front
Frente Pro-Patria Creeperiano
Fascism Far-right Carlos Hernández Videla
PCSC Creeperian Social Communist Party
Partido Comunisto Social Creeperiano
Communism Far-left Rolando Rubio Noboa
PSC Creeperian Socialist Party
Partido Socialista Creeperiano
Socialism Left-wing Jorge Meléndez Ramírez
PCN National Conservative Party
Partido Conservador Nacional
Conservatism Center-right Máximo Illescas Freixa
PDC National Democratic Party
Partido Democrática Nacional
Social democracy Center-left Miguel Bermúdez Campos
PFN National Federalist Party
Partido Federalista Nacional
Federalism Center-right Pedro Quesada León
PLN National Liberal Party
Partido Liberal Nacional
Liberalism Center-left Alfonso Quiñónez Molina
PTN Party for National Tranquility
Partido por'Tranquilidad Nacional
Reformism Big-tent Nicolás Méndez Rivera
PAS Senvarian Autonomous Party
Partido Autónomo Senvariano
Senvarian nationalism Left-wing Awqa Sianquiz Asto

Retiring members of parliament

Electoral campaign

Creeperian Conservative Coalition

People's Social Coalition

Other parties


X Parliament of Creeperopolis (elected).svg
Catholic Royalist Party20,448,30341.44113+1
Creeperian Socialist Party19,753,20240.04102+2
Creeperian Social Communist Party2,845,8955.7710+1
National Liberal Party2,882,0225.849–2
National Conservative Party2,803,4385.688+1
Creeperian Pro-Fatherland Front244,3820.502+1
National Democratic Party110,2380.221–4
Creeperian Centrist Party67,4300.140
Party for National Tranquility46,6940.090New
Senvarian Autonomous Party28,7450.060
National Federalist Party9,6530.020New
Valid votes49,338,54599.56
Invalid/blank votes216,7040.44
Total votes49,555,249100.00
Registered voters/turnout62,440,59579.36
Source: Supreme Electoral Court

Results by department


Political reactions

Civil war


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